Blasting EMBARRASSING Voicemails In Library Ft. KSI

Library prank where I blast embarrassing voicemails with KSI. Like and subscribe for more library blasting pranks.
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  • A.M
    A.M25 minutter siden

    6:17 he hit 1 million

  • Armzilla 123
    Armzilla 1232 timer siden

    He actually got a million fair plays

  • O Dems123
    O Dems1233 timer siden

    Finally 1mil

  • Khushal Khera
    Khushal Khera7 timer siden

    It hit one mill likes

  • Abdullah Ali
    Abdullah Ali9 timer siden

    When someone comes to them they should Panic trying to close it Not looking and saying oH mY gOd u HeArD ThAt

  • Kareem
    Kareem9 timer siden

    “Knowledgide” 😂😂

  • Ango
    Ango13 timer siden


  • Operation Blackout
    Operation Blackout15 timer siden

    This is one of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen on NOprojects lmfao

  • FearTheFlipper
    FearTheFlipper16 timer siden

    I cringed more than jj when he played it

  • Yunus Haq
    Yunus Haq17 timer siden

    niko i am joining ndl tomorrow

  • Tahir
    Tahir17 timer siden


  • Typical Tav
    Typical Tav18 timer siden

    6:04 looks like y’all did it

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith18 timer siden

    I loved the second one with knowledge

  • 005{ YEETSMAN
    005{ YEETSMAN19 timer siden


  • Danie l
    Danie l21 time siden

    Funny how they are more concerned about the volume than what’s being said bruh

  • Snipez
    Snipez21 time siden

    5 likes more like 1.1M likes

  • Salzotix
    Salzotix21 time siden


  • Fat Nibba
    Fat Nibba22 timer siden

    You actually got a million likes. That’s crazy

  • ZayXN
    ZayXN22 timer siden


  • BreakOutGang Ex
    BreakOutGang Ex22 timer siden

    me watching this at 11:40

  • Chris Bennett
    Chris BennettDag siden

    That woman calling security on a guy who clearly hasn't heard her 🤣

  • Yavuz Unal
    Yavuz UnalDag siden

    This is the best video i have ever watched in my entire life. 1.1M likes deserved

  • potato man
    potato manDag siden

    I am literally C R I N G I N G

  • All things Music
    All things MusicDag siden

    HE GOT 1M likes!

  • yeetclan 9
    yeetclan 9Dag siden

    We got more than 1 million 69

  • Van Huynh
    Van HuynhDag siden

    The lewd crop laterally afford because slime certainly hate within a boorish red. helpful, abrasive weasel

  • Bor Kajin
    Bor KajinDag siden

    1/5 of people who watched have liked also

  • BackFist
    BackFistDag siden

    I couldn’t watch sorry, second hand embarrassment hurts me😫😫😫

  • Moot
    MootDag siden

    Imagine seeing them in the library then one of them pop up for mayor

  • Cooking with Safia
    Cooking with SafiaDag siden

    Ksi is the best

  • Bhavya Chhabra
    Bhavya ChhabraDag siden


  • SimplyRealistc 123
    SimplyRealistc 123Dag siden

    4:48 I’m literally crying with laughter😂😂😂

  • Raizcal
    RaizcalDag siden

    This ksi dude is really funny. Maybe he should start his boxing career

  • Katol_IZ_ Cr4cked
    Katol_IZ_ Cr4ckedDag siden


  • Pluuto_
    Pluuto_Dag siden

    Well it got a million likes…

  • Alex Crotty
    Alex CrottyDag siden

    These are like the impractical run jokers challenges

  • Tyler Turnbull
    Tyler TurnbullDag siden

    You got the milli

  • Toby Jones
    Toby JonesDag siden

    1million likes tho

  • Komborero.D. Mashingaidze
    Komborero.D. Mashingaidze2 dager siden

    We reached a million likes !!!

  • Kevin Vega-Pizarro
    Kevin Vega-Pizarro2 dager siden

    1 million lol easy

  • Vince Naz
    Vince Naz2 dager siden

    1 million mate

  • Leo Ashi
    Leo Ashi2 dager siden

    This vid got 1 mil likes with “only” 5 mil views

  • Glors
    Glors2 dager siden

    This was really hard to watch this

  • Kellost mainacc
    Kellost mainacc2 dager siden

    nolojede nolotunji

  • RagingRedStar
    RagingRedStar2 dager siden

    I legit just can't wtch this im suffering from anxiety just watching it lol

  • Vendertac
    Vendertac2 dager siden

    Yeah, who saw that like goal coming??

  • Raidlox
    Raidlox2 dager siden

    KSI: Hey niko! What I heard: Hey nigga!

  • HG Zerpex
    HG Zerpex2 dager siden

    I love how he say nolajide and nolatunji

  • TwIzL
    TwIzL2 dager siden

    Everyone of those people saw you run for mayor

  • TheBigGoose21
    TheBigGoose212 dager siden

    It has 1.1 million likes lol

  • Ryan Goldstein
    Ryan Goldstein2 dager siden

    he's got 1 mil lets go

  • Bordtennis Gutta
    Bordtennis Gutta2 dager siden


  • Pamir ve uzay
    Pamir ve uzay2 dager siden

    This actualy got 1mil likes

  • rosa navarro
    rosa navarro2 dager siden

    1m good

  • PieceCTRLJaakko
    PieceCTRLJaakko2 dager siden

    1mil Down sheeeeeeeshhhhh

  • NF_ Nyrox
    NF_ Nyrox2 dager siden

    pimlico cmon

  • baiijoune
    baiijoune2 dager siden

    Skinny Niko and Fat Neeko

  • Arif Ramen noodles
    Arif Ramen noodles2 dager siden

    *"Show me the strength and integrity"*

  • R04EY E
    R04EY E2 dager siden

    Who’s here after he actually hit over million likes like if you are

  • Robloxtwiner
    Robloxtwiner2 dager siden

    The most embarrassing: 4:37

  • 3del M
    3del M2 dager siden

    A million yah million likes

  • Kobe richguy
    Kobe richguy3 dager siden

    It is 1mil likes

  • Daniam A Strand Topnesvåg
    Daniam A Strand Topnesvåg3 dager siden

    Mad he actually got a mill

  • cardboard truck100
    cardboard truck1003 dager siden

    The second one I’m surprised nobody called the feds

  • Eric /Lucas
    Eric /Lucas3 dager siden

    JJ was better at acting

  • dp
    dp3 dager siden

    We need a part 2 bro

  • Shaheed Nazir
    Shaheed Nazir3 dager siden

    Oh god the ratio and over 1.1 MILLION like in only 5.5 million views, this ratio is one of the best one I have seen in a youtuber's video.

  • Random Weird Videos

    Random Weird Videos

    2 timer siden

    1/5 of the people liked the video and the dislike ratio is mental well deserved

  • Henry Li
    Henry Li3 dager siden

    Im dying of cr inge

  • エイバYour Local Weebエイバ
    エイバYour Local Weebエイバ3 dager siden

    Me watching this at 1 am and trying not to laugh be like: 😂😅

  • nashit konok
    nashit konok3 dager siden

    I can't stop laughing through this entire video!

  • Light
    Light3 dager siden

    How did ksi not burst out laughing when niko was yelling KNOWLEDGEEEE

  • Light
    Light3 dager siden


  • mike
    mike3 dager siden

    1.1M and 5M views

  • Iraqiboi999
    Iraqiboi9993 dager siden

    8:23 Dude really did that to Ksi

    PHOENIX3 dager siden

    What an absolute madlad he acc got a million likes

  • Owain Bzbdhxjx
    Owain Bzbdhxjx3 dager siden

    Love how he hit 1m

  • Sam Myers
    Sam Myers3 dager siden

    i love hoe they thout they woudn't get 1 mil likes but they did

  • Tobi Oduntan
    Tobi Oduntan3 dager siden

    The dude at 3:11 looks like he wants to kill Niko lol

  • Oofbrpp
    Oofbrpp3 dager siden

    Tbf I thought the horse one was gonna blast I’m on a horse lol

  • Jannatul Sharmin
    Jannatul Sharmin3 dager siden

    And he did get 1M+

  • andre silva
    andre silva3 dager siden

    they really love 11:40 am man sheeesh

  • llama knight
    llama knight3 dager siden

    We hit the mil like

    HUM4NF0RM3 dager siden

    It actually hit 1 mil likes.

  • Kelechi Grace
    Kelechi Grace3 dager siden

    The amount of second hand embarrassment I experienced during this video is unreal.

  • Russian dog spy
    Russian dog spy3 dager siden

    ItS TIME

  • BlackSai
    BlackSai3 dager siden

    Yes we got 1m

  • Drayton Farmer
    Drayton Farmer3 dager siden

    Million likes okay bet

  • JerH02 official
    JerH02 official3 dager siden

    Still got 1M likes

  • Bella and Hailey Suarez
    Bella and Hailey Suarez3 dager siden

    1 million likes let’s go

  • FazeBams IsTheGoat
    FazeBams IsTheGoat3 dager siden

    How many likes should we get 1mil *he gets it*

  • UnknownNoob_YT
    UnknownNoob_YT3 dager siden

    ummm? knowledge has 22 mill subs before this vid lol

  • Nandakishor Nm
    Nandakishor Nm3 dager siden

    Bruh this was painful to watch h holy

  • Edrees H
    Edrees H3 dager siden

    We need a part 2

  • Woof you
    Woof you3 dager siden

    Why am I watching this it’s not even entertaining it’s just making me cringe

  • Pathetic Minister
    Pathetic Minister3 dager siden

    God i couldnt watch this it was so painful

  • karma
    karma4 dager siden

    That’s what p***hub music exist

  • Chloe Accardi
    Chloe Accardi4 dager siden

    Niko calling jide knowledge is the best thing

  • Marti
    Marti4 dager siden

    Yo u and ksi should make a channel called NAK niko and ksi looool do it pls

  • M1xuX
    M1xuX4 dager siden