Calling People The N Word Again...

i went to new york city again and this happened...
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  • namjooncansteponmeandiwouldthankhim
    namjooncansteponmeandiwouldthankhim11 timer siden

    8:03 Nobody: Literally nobody: Random racist guy: you 🙄 are 😔 the 😏 f*cking 🤚🏽 racist 😩

  • Luis statham
    Luis statham18 timer siden

    Your actually a really good singer

  • Nod Carpenter
    Nod Carpenter23 timer siden

    It seems that Americans are all rasest

  • Ivo Marques
    Ivo MarquesDag siden

    1:19 it's the dragon guy from the 24hour challenge !

  • KxngNestor
    KxngNestorDag siden


  • John
    JohnDag siden

    what was the dude sayin in the outro

  • Box0trillion
    Box0trillion2 dager siden

    8:51 white drake

  • Hannah Miedema
    Hannah Miedema2 dager siden

    I live in Australia and if anyone said the n word you would get canceled

  • ProtoKJ
    ProtoKJ2 dager siden

    imagine you had a bad day and niko keeps cutting you off when he asks something

  • The DMSea Minecraft
    The DMSea Minecraft2 dager siden

    I live in new york and ive seen a few nude cowboys, idk which one your guy is. But often they hang out near broadway.

  • Stanage Ward
    Stanage Ward2 dager siden

    Gnxstzi ?frxhbs?lol

  • Fire Breather
    Fire Breather2 dager siden

    Beautiful singing mah

  • lily mccain
    lily mccain2 dager siden

    hahahahahahh im diying!!! omg

  • William Lindner
    William Lindner2 dager siden

    2:57 wtf

  • Smoked Ravioli
    Smoked Ravioli2 dager siden

    2:03 o lord he had no idea

  • Arigãtø
    Arigãtø3 dager siden

    1:45 did niko just predict corona

    CAYOUKI CREATIONS3 dager siden

    Man predicted rona

  • Abdul Muez
    Abdul Muez3 dager siden

    4:27 IM ROLLING😭🤣

  • Loyal•Jennie Asalways
    Loyal•Jennie Asalways3 dager siden

    Literally nobody: *Niko going like shdjshdjshdj in this guys ear* 😂

  • Darth Sidious
    Darth Sidious3 dager siden

    10:30 why are people so nice lmfao

  • Darth Sidious
    Darth Sidious3 dager siden

    7:49 lmfao

  • 0n1y jake
    0n1y jake3 dager siden

    I will meet this bitch in NY and we are gonna violate each other. NDL forever

  • Diza Baskoro
    Diza Baskoro4 dager siden

    Niko is the most dedicated and comitted person ever

  • i do clips and stuff
    i do clips and stuff4 dager siden


  • Prodigy Qb
    Prodigy Qb4 dager siden

    I kinda got mad that you were trolling the man doing the prison documentary

  • Jesse Morrenhof
    Jesse Morrenhof4 dager siden

    1:50 - 2:08 this question did not age well at all

  • Sergic Alcantara
    Sergic Alcantara4 dager siden

    The gay Mexican dude is actually kind’ve hilarious. 😂

  • robu3k
    robu3k4 dager siden

    "buy jou a beer" 💀

  • K Russ
    K Russ4 dager siden

    Pls Fernanda help me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Aswaa
    Aswaa4 dager siden


  • Kermit Kovers
    Kermit Kovers4 dager siden

    His singing lit!

  • The fun Channel
    The fun Channel4 dager siden

    Isn’t the guy in the red the guy from ages aga

  • bu N
    bu N4 dager siden

    that central park dude seriously thought he was in the right for saying the n word he will be a horrible influence on his child

  • Virsho
    Virsho5 dager siden


  • TTK R3X
    TTK R3X5 dager siden

    Nikocado Avocado

  • Dylan Mackay
    Dylan Mackay5 dager siden

    Why is this bullshit so fkn entertaining

  • tabbyash


    4 dager siden


  • Ari Lewis-Clarke
    Ari Lewis-Clarke5 dager siden

    Lmao I feel bad for that old guy he apologised to Niko when he was interrupting him 😂 🤣

  • Elijah Rodriguez
    Elijah Rodriguez5 dager siden

    The whole conversation at central park discussing the end with the guy at the sand was hilarious it was like a sitcom. This matrix a movie 🤣

  • lilstump55
    lilstump556 dager siden

    For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son that who ever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life

  • tabbyash


    4 dager siden


  • Khalid Yahia
    Khalid Yahia6 dager siden


  • TJszn
    TJszn6 dager siden

    next time go to the south they are weirder but atleast if your at the place they arent racist lmao

  • gordon sanco
    gordon sanco6 dager siden

    he actuly sings good

  • LordSlushy
    LordSlushy6 dager siden

    Now finally after 1 year you can go to the central park maps guy and make him appoligize

  • TJay
    TJay6 dager siden

    It's so funny how he completely forgot

    GOLD-GHOST6 dager siden

    am i the only one who went to check google translate

  • Delirium Dust
    Delirium Dust6 dager siden

    i didnt know people in like new york don't know English lol

  • Random Is Fun
    Random Is Fun7 dager siden

    NO! GoD nO!

  • WeebSite
    WeebSite7 dager siden

    yo what was the last dude saying he seemed serious abt it

  • Locke Strugnell
    Locke Strugnell7 dager siden

    You should give the funny people a card which has your NOprojects channel on it

  • Locke Strugnell
    Locke Strugnell7 dager siden

    Hahaha trying to assume people's culture by trying to say dad

  • Nukhba Saddique
    Nukhba Saddique7 dager siden

    The first few people where foreign A bit RanDoM I know

  • Ryan H.
    Ryan H.7 dager siden

    best New York landmarks: Statue of Liberty, Times square, Naked Cowboy.

  • Not Know Nescire
    Not Know Nescire7 dager siden

    that thumb nail was the only reason i clicked....

  • Its Odd Girl
    Its Odd Girl7 dager siden

    At 4:16 I feel soo bad he is trying to explain but Niko hhahahahahahahaha

  • I Play Terraria
    I Play Terraria7 dager siden


  • mxxnliqht_wxffles
    mxxnliqht_wxffles7 dager siden

    I just realise his initials are N.O so if anyone asks him anything he can just be like what do my initials spell?

  • JohnOS
    JohnOS7 dager siden

    The outro was amazing

  • Poric Crompton
    Poric Crompton7 dager siden

    That guy really wanted to discuss schooling and Niko just violates him😂

  • AntiqueGamer
    AntiqueGamer7 dager siden

    Hands down though, that girl at 10:20 is gorgeous

  • Jr Rose
    Jr Rose8 dager siden

    He is not even funny just annoying 🙄

  • Kong Gamezz
    Kong Gamezz8 dager siden

    Thats not his voice!!!

  • Cameron Wainwright
    Cameron Wainwright9 dager siden

    Im watching all these vids at 2am busting my balls trying not to laugh and I swear I'm gonna wake up everyone in my house 😂😂😂

  • Edz_ Gaming
    Edz_ Gaming9 dager siden

    Great vid 👍

  • Xorpe
    Xorpe10 dager siden

    9:20 is a g

  • lsbs
    lsbs10 dager siden

    6:48 im in awe

  • Tom Vaughan
    Tom Vaughan11 dager siden

    id be so annoyed if he tried to interview me 😂

  • king tishan
    king tishan11 dager siden

    This dude is so cringe

  • IM Tellin It [Leela]
    IM Tellin It [Leela]11 dager siden

    “Who doesn’t say the N-word...) wtFFFF!

  • Backup Email
    Backup Email11 dager siden

    11:57 edp??! 😳

  • Sulayman Syed
    Sulayman Syed12 dager siden

    Did anyone else notice Elmo?😂😂 1:15

  • Nat Nat
    Nat Nat14 dager siden

    Don't sing again

  • ActionMan
    ActionMan15 dager siden

    any chinese translators for the last part?

  • ActionMan
    ActionMan15 dager siden

    how did he know about the diseases killing people months before it happened!? NIKO TIME TRAVELLING?

  • Dd the prankster
    Dd the prankster17 dager siden

    Is that actually his singing. if it is then wowwwww

  • SD Damage
    SD Damage19 dager siden

    Guys the white guy who said the n word I will find u I know u see this I will come to ur house and eat ur ice cream

  • Sunny Kundi

    Sunny Kundi

    8 dager siden


  • TT versy
    TT versy20 dager siden

    Him Who doesn't say that word once in a while Me Shut yo bitch ass up

  • sophia ali
    sophia ali20 dager siden


  • Generalkickass
    Generalkickass20 dager siden


  • Alexander Duff
    Alexander Duff21 dag siden

    3.42 😂 actual trolling 😂😂

  • muhammad arfan
    muhammad arfan21 dag siden

    Love uuuuuuuuuu

  • Cluxzoh L
    Cluxzoh L22 dager siden

    1:17 didn’t I see him in another vid ?????? Ahhhh yes the $0 in New York

  • Adam Ayadi
    Adam Ayadi22 dager siden

    *Oui* - Niko Omilana 2019

  • MoreliaMan23
    MoreliaMan2322 dager siden

    He really is the racist... constantly bringing up race

  • prince howell
    prince howell23 dager siden

    Should call this being black in America 😢🤷🏾‍♂️ just keep hearing childish bambino’s this is America every time a black guy from Britain experiences real America racism or run into American cops

  • Boudicca Q
    Boudicca Q24 dager siden

    stop using the word in the songs it offends and upsets me

  • Sonic10
    Sonic1024 dager siden

    He looks like Shawn Michaels

  • mohammad mahdhazad
    mohammad mahdhazad24 dager siden

    1:20 the most norwegian man on the planet if I've ever seen one

  • Zen Wei Yap
    Zen Wei Yap25 dager siden

    Poor chinese guy at the end

  • David Sperling
    David Sperling25 dager siden

    2:00 talking about deceases with a Corona On the table?! Omg how did he know?! Neeko from Wuhan?

  • Darkmoon
    Darkmoon25 dager siden

    I bingedddd watch your videossss, dude you're one of the best things utube!!

  • Jerry Mayenschein
    Jerry Mayenschein26 dager siden

    If you don’t drink hot chocolate with a straw you need help

  • Linda Wahab
    Linda Wahab26 dager siden

    the end💀💀💀

  • Brittney B Red
    Brittney B Red26 dager siden

    I hate him so much

  • Brittney B Red
    Brittney B Red26 dager siden

    Lmfao he starts talking faster

  • EZRAH Madelyx
    EZRAH Madelyx26 dager siden

    His singing was actually good 😳. 0:35

  • skinnysugarpecantartcandybutter
    skinnysugarpecantartcandybutter27 dager siden

    bt21 12:15

  • protocoleb44v2
    protocoleb44v227 dager siden

    All I want in life is to know what the last guy said

  • Sherbet -123
    Sherbet -12328 dager siden

    I think we need Mark!

  • Xen Aaron
    Xen Aaron28 dager siden

    The people would have probably thought he is a madman lol niko it's so entertaining to watch your old videos...

  • Dopechef London
    Dopechef London28 dager siden