I Opened A 5 Star Restaurant On A London Underground Train

I decided to challenge myself by turning the london underground train into a 5 star restaurant AND EVERYTHING WAS FREE including the food!!
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    Nav Hus2 dager siden

    He is a beast like him NOW!!!!!!!!! RATS NOW!!!!!

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    Can I get some woter

  • The Piano Gamer
    The Piano Gamer2 dager siden

    "You will get what you are given" 1000 iq right there

  • PillowfightarXD
    PillowfightarXD3 dager siden

    You definitely didn’t just bye the food from a restaurant saying you cooked it LOL

  • Cruella DeVill hell kimpossible yes Fan uttp dtchit
    Cruella DeVill hell kimpossible yes Fan uttp dtchit3 dager siden


  • gstakk
    gstakk4 dager siden

    3:37 I’m convinced the guy on the right is Harry Potter

  • Chromal Assassin
    Chromal Assassin4 dager siden

    Why does George remind me of Alex Horne in Taskmaster

  • Martin Schmidt
    Martin Schmidt5 dager siden

    Obvisouly never been to a restaurant =)

  • Luca Dennis-Nixon
    Luca Dennis-Nixon5 dager siden

    Okay voted for you can you give me M a jumper

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    His spirit knows no boundaries... I love this guy

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  • Favour Isi Okoruwa
    Favour Isi Okoruwa6 dager siden

    at the end (15:40) it wrote exactly, 'So apparently this was Sharky's attempt at singing my outro song but personally I've never heard someone butcher a song as much as this man is doing right here. If you want to go over to his channel, his instagram or his twitter and directly attack him for his horrendous vocals then you have my permission, can't let this cretin perform this incredible song so badly ever again so give him hell.

  • yxng q
    yxng q6 dager siden

    3:22 that slap tho🤣🤣

  • Ronique Pennie
    Ronique Pennie6 dager siden

    You've turned my idea into a reality

  • Xander Woodberry
    Xander Woodberry7 dager siden

    watching this and realizing this video was made in 2019 so i cant get the hoodie

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    Anoja Malalage10 dager siden

    NEEEEko: can we get 69k likes Everyone: 402k?

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    blueforphili p16 dager siden

    ‘The friends we made along the way’

  • ExclusiveLM
    ExclusiveLM18 dager siden

    Londoners are anti social....... so what does he do ?? Create a restaurant where everyone has to stare at each other in a tight small space that is overly brightly lit.

  • Big Steve
    Big Steve19 dager siden

    This one's dead

  • ExoticKarlo
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  • Kickstart Automatically
    Kickstart Automatically25 dager siden

    This man Is plankton if he was a person 😂🤣

  • Nitin Negi
    Nitin Negi26 dager siden

    7:37 *Harry Pottah* located

  • Scoopity Poop
    Scoopity Poop26 dager siden

    These passengers are awkward & antisocial than Americans, yeesh. 😬

  • Scoopity Poop
    Scoopity Poop26 dager siden

    "I don't care if you're hungry, food is coming whether you like it or not", this *SCREAMS* my frustrated personality if I was a waitress. 😂😂

  • Lauren Gillespie
    Lauren Gillespie27 dager siden

    haha this is amazing

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    you fucking legend

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    Im late but hi

  • Isla
    Isla29 dager siden

    i have never laughed so much watching a video before

  • π
    π29 dager siden

    Random question. Do you think London is safe? I’ve heard there are people’s phone get stolen

  • Olu Apampa
    Olu ApampaMåned siden

    Typical Londoners. Always suspicious of good intentions.

  • DhRuV MoNsTa
    DhRuV MoNsTaMåned siden

    Idea for restaurant (after covid): arabic restaurant from scratch ft. Beta squad and reng sayeed

  • maiu
    maiuMåned siden

    jack and zay.

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    Hayley SashaMåned siden

    5 December is my bday 😃

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    Beermanhero 18Måned siden

    That’s why there is just food lying around it’s the ndl restaurant leaving there locations

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    5M views? Cool

  • Amina Khan
    Amina KhanMåned siden

    RIP that guy who wasnt home

  • Amina Khan
    Amina KhanMåned siden

    Damn 9:00 that music actually sounds good AstughfirAllah

  • FalaGringo
    FalaGringoMåned siden

    When you think about, it's the dirtiest restaurant you could ever eat at.

  • Rockstarboy194
    Rockstarboy194Måned siden

    if geoff marshall were to walk in on this

  • Irene Martin
    Irene MartinMåned siden

    Please be aware that my 10 yr old Grandson has just been labelled a racist in school as he thought you liked the NDL. He is too small to understand. He just copied you.

  • Tina Bouakaz
    Tina BouakazMåned siden

    My favorite video ever

  • DUDE Renguko
    DUDE RengukoMåned siden

    Bro no free hoodie I am poor

  • Maxim Quantum
    Maxim QuantumMåned siden

    They were sitting there waiting for Niko tell them the bank Heist plan xD 2:47

  • Sebastian Schneeberger
    Sebastian SchneebergerMåned siden

    It's really annoying that's he could have called it Nico's Dining Locomotive. Such a missed opportunity.

  • Ajmal Spurs
    Ajmal SpursMåned siden

    Teenage aubamayang

    AF GAMINGMåned siden

    YOUR SICK 🤣🤣💯👊

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    samuel samuliakMåned siden

    ur son is part of a gang

  • EroPuff
    EroPuffMåned siden

    this is so emotional

  • some_person
    some_personMåned siden

    imagine the next ppl who took the tfl and just seeing a bunch of spoons on the floor

    BELIKEALEXMåned siden

    I’m sure Sweden is even more antisocial than London 😂

  • 69SUGOI69
    69SUGOI69Måned siden

    8:45 he wasn't joking he's going for mayor of london then soon onto the prime minister

  • lil’buggie x
    lil’buggie xMåned siden

    15:07 Bruh....you killin it 🤣🤣🤣😂

  • Micter Studios
    Micter StudiosMåned siden

    Next you gotta do “I opened a Subway on a subway”

  • X24 Clan
    X24 ClanMåned siden

    Niko, Make a video of u being nice to george for 24 hours lol

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    can i get some woootaah :D

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    CatalMåned siden

    Great Video Niko

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    sa tanMåned siden

    13:52 How about you pay then

  • I91AM
    I91AMMåned siden

    "YES IT IS A GOOD IDEA! I LOVE IT!" nice a c c e n t

  • Sufyan Arif
    Sufyan ArifMåned siden

    0:44 Light saber sounds

  • avinta chopra
    avinta chopraMåned siden

    “Please take a seat” “No, thank you” “I iNsIsT” Seriously this dude is a legend

  • Strategic Time
    Strategic TimeMåned siden

    Screen going black and look at yourself 😂 I am watching this video on 11 pm 😂 I can’t see myself. This guys is hilarious 😆

  • Eoghan Lane
    Eoghan LaneMåned siden

    7:36 one of them looks like harry potter

  • 【冬卯粉】昆布
    【冬卯粉】昆布Måned siden

    ‘This train terminates at Stratford’ (Doors close) Passengers: wait, wtf is going on? This is supposed to be an underground train, not a restaurant!!!

  • Rizzyymandizzyyy !!!
    Rizzyymandizzyyy !!!Måned siden

    U got another 300k likes

    PEMUDA SUCCESSMåned siden

    its more like a vip train😄🤣

  • L00peey
    L00peeyMåned siden

    wow, people eating comfortably on a train without a care... incredible.

  • J C
    J CMåned siden

    This young man is going to do very well for himself - AMAZING!

  • Shailee Shah
    Shailee ShahMåned siden

    7:37 looks like Harry Potter

  • Bradley Hoggard
    Bradley HoggardMåned siden

    "stop everything your doing to like the video" ok lemme stop my heart real quick

  • Ha? Dog
    Ha? DogMåned siden

    this is why Niko should win the Mayor placement

  • Eric Okai Asiedu
    Eric Okai AsieduMåned siden

    I think I have been convinced to know that American English is better than England's

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    Suscribe or u have a bad breath

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    Ok but hear me out... Niko’s Dining Locomotive... someone get me a time machine asap!!!

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    this is how covid got spread

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    Imagine doing this during corona

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    This would be impossible to do in New York 😆

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    Mindblowing Loved It

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    the spoons will always be remembered as heros

    LUCAS LEE EN JIE MoeMåned siden

    Is this illegal

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    Saim S.Måned siden

    I subscribed, but what would really intrigue me, would be if you noticed.

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    chernyMåned siden

    ай м нот хангри

    BTS IS GAYMåned siden

    this is one of the reasons he deserves to be mayor of london

  • BoredJustChillin
    BoredJustChillinMåned siden

    I skipped to a random part and heard Niko say World Domination

  • Eric Walter
    Eric WalterMåned siden

    I love how he always goes for that old man to do something stupid for him

  • Puneet Pandeti
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    BozartMåned siden

    Enough to make a grown man cry...

  • Abdimajid Rashid
    Abdimajid RashidMåned siden

    imagine having all this memories of you being around even after you die.......i kind off envy it

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    Water:PMåned siden

    this some funny stuff keep it up

  • BreadMasterBoi
    BreadMasterBoiMåned siden

    R.I.P Shall the spoons Rest In Peace Carrying the legacy of the NDL on the subway

  • Karina Fafara
    Karina FafaraMåned siden

    I wish Niko had Mr.Beasts budget so we could see how creatively he would spend it. He's doing massive things with what he has, I can only hope he triples his subscriber count soon cuz he deserves it.

  • Joe Mama
    Joe MamaMåned siden

    Legend says the spoons still live there