I Opened A McDonalds Drive Thru At My House

I opened a fake Mcdonalds drive thru in my house, I have done a fake employee prank at mcdonalds but now i'm opening my own mcdonalds drive thru. Pls subscribe to @Beta Squad
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  • Oogway
    Oogway17 timer siden

    12:49 Imposter is SUS

  • Gage Coloman
    Gage Coloman20 timer siden

    King is the best worker there

  • Lightning Strikes
    Lightning Strikes22 timer siden

    Love it 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I love not McDonald’s 😋

  • Dilbagh Singh
    Dilbagh SinghDag siden


  • BreakOutGang Ex
    BreakOutGang ExDag siden

    edl drives thru a not mcdonalds

  • Malachi Wickham
    Malachi Wickham3 dager siden

    Love how 9 AM is early *tHe HoUsE iS sIlEnT*

  • Jackson Frazier
    Jackson Frazier3 dager siden

    You shoulda called you buisness NicDonaLds

  • none ofyabusiness
    none ofyabusiness4 dager siden

    The people with no cars LMFAO

  • Fritz Smith
    Fritz Smith4 dager siden

    The sparkling john demographically agree because domain quickly spell lest a massive chair. handsome, knotty acoustic

  • morethanahumanbody
    morethanahumanbody5 dager siden

    wait what..veggie burger with meat ? :(

  • S A Z O Z
    S A Z O Z5 dager siden

    17:21 that guy looks like Matt Stonie

  • failoxe
    failoxe5 dager siden

    Mr beast stole this idea. Can't believe this

  • X-gamer Pro-HD
    X-gamer Pro-HD5 dager siden

    How to leak a youtubers address seems like….

  • lilstump55
    lilstump555 dager siden

    For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son that who ever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life 💯

  • Xd Mohamed
    Xd Mohamed5 dager siden


  • Fishing with Jase
    Fishing with Jase5 dager siden


  • Tokoyami Fumikage
    Tokoyami Fumikage6 dager siden

    Damn he just won't stop.

  • Sameer Kamble
    Sameer Kamble6 dager siden


  • Jake Readman
    Jake Readman7 dager siden

    Great video idea but giving free food out in some posh area to people in porches and McLaren's really pisses me off

  • Dashiell Jones
    Dashiell Jones7 dager siden

    GO NDL!!!!

  • Ro- Ghoul
    Ro- Ghoul7 dager siden

    whyyy why did you say you ran out of food the other people waited so long DUDE YOU 5UCK

  • Dream
    Dream7 dager siden

    Hamburger cheeseburger big Mac whopper

  • Jeppe TS
    Jeppe TS7 dager siden

    This guy deserves 50 mil subs even more

  • Sanish Maharjan
    Sanish Maharjan8 dager siden

    NDL ! ! !

  • vally
    vally8 dager siden

    did they just dox themselves..?

  • Michaela r
    Michaela r8 dager siden

    yo good person i likr it

  • Michaela r
    Michaela r8 dager siden

    yo you da best pranker EVER and a great person

  • Ash Greninja XYZ
    Ash Greninja XYZ9 dager siden

    Niko is the best

  • Daniel
    Daniel10 dager siden

    When are u going to make a not McDonald's Mantion? 😂😂😂

  • Superman Kent
    Superman Kent11 dager siden

    You need to include a 'c' in your name then we'll say it perfectly.

  • Tazywamppus
    Tazywamppus12 dager siden

    ‘Because our veggie burgers are not even vegetarian, ill give you bReAd.’ Bruh- Niko is a legend

  • Katherine Phaye

    Katherine Phaye

    10 dager siden

    Saying bruh is McNormie

  • Maryanne Teariki
    Maryanne Teariki12 dager siden

    he lowkey rude to people tho

  • Baby Daniel
    Baby Daniel12 dager siden


  • Ocul Warrior
    Ocul Warrior14 dager siden

    The first mayor who's going to hand out free sandwiches and coffee in heavy traffic. If you're late for work, late for an interview, late for a baby delivery, he's going to make an official call on behalf of London and tell them to shush for ya. He's going to go into the next mayor's turf and open a notLondon... uhm...

  • CsiGameing
    CsiGameing14 dager siden


  • sevengazzy
    sevengazzy14 dager siden

    I must say, Niko makes a marvellous businessman.

  • Marita Matta
    Marita Matta16 dager siden

    Open all around America not McDonald's and have delivery so we can get from your food

  • Jake Evans
    Jake Evans18 dager siden

    0:00 spam that😭

  • rita fernandes
    rita fernandes19 dager siden


  • Random Picks
    Random Picks19 dager siden

    We love niko. We love NDL

  • godsplayer
    godsplayer20 dager siden

    Im a McDonald employee i wold like to work for you and quit my job for this better McDonalds and that is NotMcDonalds :)

  • Isobel Peel
    Isobel Peel21 dag siden

    How tf do you not get mega stalked

  • Bennett Ruff
    Bennett Ruff22 dager siden

    NOprojects was made 16 years ago and the youtube account joined 50 years ago hmmm that doesn’t make sense???

  • Ghost
    Ghost23 dager siden

    He's Like the New Mr.Beast

  • king seulgi
    king seulgi23 dager siden

    6:30 *im dead*

  • CB_ Fox
    CB_ Fox24 dager siden

    U. My guy is the mr beast jr everyone’s finding

  • Melissa vee
    Melissa vee24 dager siden

    10:30 💀💀💀

  • james hugh
    james hugh24 dager siden

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  • T Shenawy73
    T Shenawy7325 dager siden

    U know what i actually am going to subscribe and let 4 of my friends do the same just keep up that awsome content keep it up😁

  • Edwin Velasquez
    Edwin Velasquez25 dager siden

    14:42 why😂😭

  • MC PRO
    MC PRO26 dager siden


  • DanielPlaysThis
    DanielPlaysThis26 dager siden

    "just because of schmuel here" im dieing hahahahahahahahaha

  • Nick Abdo
    Nick Abdo26 dager siden

    I think you should have just made it a moblie resturant.

  • Nick Abdo
    Nick Abdo26 dager siden

    Let's go!

  • MsZty
    MsZty27 dager siden

    ndl poggers

  • Roshan sunar
    Roshan sunar28 dager siden

    Challenge for you....make this much crowd but not selling brugers for free...cost them and let's see how many come here and pay for upur burger

  • Jamesin Waberer
    Jamesin Waberer28 dager siden

    The sleepy rooster consquentially change because beard really supply circa a rambunctious skill. roasted, miscreant part

  • Millie Ray
    Millie Ray28 dager siden

    McDonald's should've signed you up your amazing!!!!

  • Millie Ray
    Millie Ray28 dager siden

    Lol I loves this as well

  • shermal demel
    shermal demel28 dager siden

    yo i can hack your youtube

  • LULW


    26 dager siden

    do it

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke29 dager siden

    Oh man,. I can really go for a shush burger rn 😩😩

  • Samantha Lago
    Samantha Lago29 dager siden


  • sufiye olsson
    sufiye olssonMåned siden

    its niko not neeko

  • big shlong
    big shlongMåned siden


  • pinar sahmaran
    pinar sahmaranMåned siden

    The fact that I’m eating McDonald’s while watching this

  • Aman Riaz BK
    Aman Riaz BKMåned siden

    The poor homeless man who is rich Lol

  • Martin Carty
    Martin CartyMåned siden

    When he told the customers that had no cars pretend u had a car and sit down more before I scratch ur whip 😂😂😂

  • Kartick Naidu
    Kartick NaiduMåned siden


    HXIDER_KHXNMåned siden

    12:37 🤣

  • IV Excel
    IV ExcelMåned siden


  • magikarp
    magikarpMåned siden

    Plot twist king is a spy from McDonald’s...

  • Vera Vasyukova
    Vera VasyukovaMåned siden

    I literally went past your house on my school bus and it took us 20 minutes to go past your road. Well it was fun

  • Afnan Islam
    Afnan IslamMåned siden

    NDL we are taking back out streets

  • Raihan Faizy
    Raihan FaizyMåned siden

    Where is the Muslim girl who worked at the not McDonald's???

  • I91AM
    I91AMMåned siden

    "How did you get your license?" - Chunkz 2020

  • Aibah Fatima
    Aibah FatimaMåned siden

    I love not McDonald’s

  • Joseph Marletta
    Joseph MarlettaMåned siden

    10:29 I died

  • Joseph Marletta
    Joseph MarlettaMåned siden

    3:16 like there part of a SAS squard or suttin xdd

  • Woofer-Le-Doge
    Woofer-Le-DogeMåned siden


  • hong ratanak
    hong ratanakMåned siden

    where is prince niko?

  • Nourin Mymuna
    Nourin MymunaMåned siden

    Dude this whole thing looks like a scripted drama. Why people even believing this

  • LULW


    26 dager siden

    its not

  • Bouncy skittles

    Bouncy skittles

    Måned siden

    ikr it seems s ofake

  • Zarson
    ZarsonMåned siden

    Should have been “NikDonalds” for NDL

  • Brice Chartrand
    Brice ChartrandMåned siden

    At 9:40 the lady he offered bread to said "!!!!!"

  • Wessel van Harrewijn
    Wessel van HarrewijnMåned siden

    you should make NotmcDonaLds merch

  • Voiddd
    VoidddMåned siden

    Poor aj

  • Memorable TV Moments
    Memorable TV MomentsMåned siden

    you should start your own fast food business

  • Not CoreyYT
    Not CoreyYTMåned siden


  • Lil Oof
    Lil OofMåned siden

    Bruh the mclaren is a paid actor r whatever, u can see it parked outside before it comes in

  • applejuize
    applejuizeMåned siden


  • Rick Freeman
    Rick FreemanMåned siden


  • Kazim Kalkan
    Kazim KalkanMåned siden

    How about we open a real not McDonalds.... u pay half and I’ll pay half, I’ll design a new logo to deal with the copyright and change the name to NDonaLds I got a venue in mind too 🤭

  • GamingWithAryan
    GamingWithAryanMåned siden


  • Ilaria-Rose’s World
    Ilaria-Rose’s WorldMåned siden

    I feel bad for ur bank

  • Sonic Blastinity
    Sonic BlastinityMåned siden

    We Need a part 3 WITH A DUNKIN, NIKO

  • Pink Pop Subliminals
    Pink Pop SubliminalsMåned siden

    I'm crying. People and their invisible cars.

  • بدر
    بدرMåned siden


  • julian bastian
    julian bastianMåned siden

    you should make a gaming team

  • Phil Swift
    Phil SwiftMåned siden

    The police probably just wanted to make sure you had a vendors license

  • Calvin PIETERSE
    Calvin PIETERSEMåned siden

    Build a restraunt so you can make money if you want or get McDonald’s back for ever and make the restraunt automatic

    A CHIRP LIFEMåned siden