PRANKING THE SIDEMEN (World’s Hottest Chilli)

Sidemen prank, the sidemen might be eating the world's hottest chilli pepper because I am pranking them. Who will it be KSI, W2S, Miniminter, Vikkstar, Zerkaa, Behzinga or Tobi?
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  • Chi With A C
    Chi With A CÅr siden

    Snow White and the 7 sidemen x

  • #


    3 dager siden

    @GhoulCODM hat?

  • GhoulCODM


    3 dager siden

    Luv u b

  • Vladimir Putin

    Vladimir Putin

    4 dager siden


  • ItsAK


    6 dager siden


  • #


    26 dager siden

    @ChocolitPlayz shush

  • Omid Akbari
    Omid AkbariDag siden


  • Aaron Piper
    Aaron PiperDag siden

    69 is my favourite number

  • Clutch
    ClutchDag siden

    Imagine not subbing to niko

  • LALA YouTuber
    LALA YouTuberDag siden

    He said neeko at the end 😂😂

  • real og
    real og2 dager siden


  • Steamy
    Steamy2 dager siden

    For Americans, dragons den is exactly like shark tank, dragons den owns the program shark tank

  • Monstrum
    Monstrum2 dager siden

    the "frontmen"

  • Dragon Playz
    Dragon Playz3 dager siden

    Josh and neeko old picture neeko looked like a egg and josh looks like your mom

  • Mort
    Mort4 dager siden

    Why the fuck does she look completely dead.

  • byylue
    byylue4 dager siden


  • MrLaunchMK
    MrLaunchMK4 dager siden

    4:06 rip niko Omilana

  • Dariush Sofizadeh
    Dariush Sofizadeh5 dager siden

    hey nEEko how are YOU nEEko . NEEko I have a question nEEKo poopoo caca ? NEEkkkooo

  • Nellie Vasquez
    Nellie Vasquez5 dager siden

    The erect tuna oceanographically occur because decrease syntactically point from a robust spade. like, shrill chive

  • Abdurrahim Hussain
    Abdurrahim Hussain5 dager siden


    GREENBEAN WN5 dager siden

    Hey neeko

  • Kelvin Ehigie
    Kelvin Ehigie5 dager siden

    Niko said don't call me Neeson the calls himself neeko 14:30

  • RandomlyAnythingTBH
    RandomlyAnythingTBH6 dager siden


  • Sanish Maharjan
    Sanish Maharjan6 dager siden


  • Average Enjoyer
    Average Enjoyer6 dager siden

    Jj face on the thumbnail

  • Life Force
    Life Force6 dager siden


  • Justin Brooks
    Justin Brooks8 dager siden

    The parsimonious height roughly expand because snowstorm july shiver worth a old makeup. astonishing, deserted hawk

    The ANIMATOR8 dager siden

    Big Up The NDL

  • noryb
    noryb9 dager siden


  • xaarxes.
    xaarxes.9 dager siden


  • Carl Estepa
    Carl Estepa9 dager siden

    Niko is like a POV of a villain from a Marvel movie

  • Michael Marcovici
    Michael Marcovici9 dager siden

    The grotesque parent mathematically grease because corn evolutionarily lighten up a obsequious wrench. judicious, wide-eyed rowboat

  • Benny Roman
    Benny Roman9 dager siden

    The wooden net hypothetically groan because veterinarian microbiologically talk opposite a assorted daughter. real, black lyre

  • Bob2 Singh
    Bob2 Singh9 dager siden

    You should have said mini minter was the guy on the inside

  • MrBeast CLIPS
    MrBeast CLIPS11 dager siden

    Can’t wait for sidemen shark tank

  • Tyler Forrest
    Tyler Forrest14 dager siden

    This man is Zemo and the Sidemen are the avengers

  • J Gill
    J Gill16 dager siden

    Neeko omilana

  • Master Rex _CR
    Master Rex _CR19 dager siden

    You drank my milk sounds so wrong

  • Sazna Rahman
    Sazna Rahman21 dag siden

    What is it pepper x

  • Bernardoh Chongching
    Bernardoh Chongching21 dag siden

    How do you actualy say your name

  • Crispy Cookie

    Crispy Cookie

    19 dager siden


  • zoticGT
    zoticGT24 dager siden

    12:04 lmaoo

  • Alpha Wolf
    Alpha Wolf24 dager siden

    Niko not neeko

  • Helen Tesheme
    Helen Tesheme24 dager siden

    You showed us ur car number license

  • Bruh Bruh
    Bruh Bruh25 dager siden

    Vik was spared because he knew vik would have took the spice

  • Lorik
    Lorik25 dager siden

    Imagine what Would have happened if he put in the ice cream also chili

  • Nando Heemstra
    Nando Heemstra25 dager siden


  • Conrad Cook
    Conrad Cook25 dager siden

    more editor cam

  • Conrad Cook
    Conrad Cook25 dager siden

    i think you will find it is niko have you see the video

  • Sidemen Clips
    Sidemen Clips26 dager siden

    5:03 Niko had zerkaas name saved as zerkines

  • Sidemen Clips
    Sidemen Clips26 dager siden

    I actually love how niko called jj knowledge

  • Sidemen Clips
    Sidemen Clips26 dager siden

    3:30 “I think you’ll find it is” George is a legend

  • Bernadette Pearson
    Bernadette Pearson27 dager siden

    The jumbled hemp bacteriologically fetch because fedelini predominantly clap about a zippy flock. gigantic, faint fair tulip

  • Edenwasfound
    Edenwasfound28 dager siden


  • payal pandey
    payal pandey28 dager siden

    The moment he said his Instagram name he said NEEKO, I am depressed but honoured

  • Andrew Robinson
    Andrew Robinson28 dager siden

    14:31 "At NEEKO Omilana" HMMMMMM

  • Xyron Reyes
    Xyron Reyes29 dager siden

    6:56 i died here 🤣

    REFLEXMåned siden

    i claim the eternal good luck

  • Oliver Mortimer
    Oliver MortimerMåned siden

    It's funny how at the end he calls himself neeko.

  • Ninja NaLone
    Ninja NaLoneMåned siden


  • Lucy Down
    Lucy DownMåned siden

    Shoulda put chilly in the milk

  • Natatron 2000
    Natatron 2000Måned siden

    Josh is a good inside man... in sidemen... inside man... in sidemen

  • Not ChocoTaco
    Not ChocoTacoMåned siden

    Forza Milan

  • Gold Target
    Gold TargetMåned siden

    should’ve put spoiled milk in the safe!!!

  • Karthik Pratheep
    Karthik PratheepMåned siden

    Civil war- zemo brings down the avengers Uk youtube-Niko brings down the sidemen

  • Catal
    CatalMåned siden


  • Ellie Sureya
    Ellie SureyaMåned siden

    I’m so confused on why they were here and I watched this ages ago before like it baffles me yet It’s so hilarious and don’t come for me ones 3 😩

  • Splat Does Minecraft
    Splat Does MinecraftMåned siden

    Is it just me or why does chi with a c look like morgzs old girlfriend

  • maxisawsome21 gaming
    maxisawsome21 gamingMåned siden


  • Reshirex
    ReshirexMåned siden


  • Urgen Dorji
    Urgen DorjiMåned siden

    When he said neeko it auto subbed to Nico

  • Dhruv passi
    Dhruv passiMåned siden

    People say vik is smart...fuk that Niko is the real one

  • Jack Taylor
    Jack TaylorMåned siden

    “Length na”

  • Joe Rafferty
    Joe RaffertyMåned siden

    284 80 46

  • Pluto
    PlutoMåned siden

    Bro you said your own name wrong in the outro

  • DucksFor4
    DucksFor4Måned siden

    Does niko not like cheese Cheese is rotten milk

  • Hotterthanhell 143
    Hotterthanhell 143Måned siden


  • Daniel Bennett
    Daniel BennettMåned siden

    is it just me or did it look like chi was hating this?

  • Sneakingpastme
    SneakingpastmeMåned siden

    Sidemen = 6 Sidewoman = 1 Simon

  • Fishy Go Boom
    Fishy Go BoomMåned siden


  • Fishy Go Boom
    Fishy Go BoomMåned siden


  • Fishy Go Boom
    Fishy Go BoomMåned siden


  • Fishy Go Boom
    Fishy Go BoomMåned siden


  • Fishy Go Boom
    Fishy Go BoomMåned siden


  • Fishy Go Boom
    Fishy Go BoomMåned siden


  • hjguy vgyv
    hjguy vgyvMåned siden


  • Joel Andersson
    Joel AnderssonMåned siden

    04:35 nice add Niko

  • Abaddon
    AbaddonMåned siden

    Trap cakes op

  • Syking Shaikh
    Syking ShaikhMåned siden

    What's with neeko🤣🤣

  • Ryenzo
    RyenzoMåned siden

    she sounds so lifeless lmfao

  • Snopple Wopple
    Snopple WoppleMåned siden

    That Minecraft hunger games reference gave me huge nostiglia

  • Snopple Wopple
    Snopple WoppleMåned siden

    I'm down to have that chilli

  • CJ
    CJMåned siden

    My dogs going to be called niko

    BRICK MANIAMåned siden

    7:18 shes half asleep😂😂😂

  • The Blenk
    The BlenkMåned siden

    Lmao whos that woman. Never seena kuudere in real life ever

  • Shervano5
    Shervano5Måned siden

    Oh niko mama obama

  • Harvey Munns
    Harvey MunnsMåned siden


  • Ifrah Bilal
    Ifrah BilalMåned siden

    LOL imagine getting pranked by NEEKO :), how did they fall for that?? Sidemen are pathetic

  • Mario 7uda
    Mario 7udaMåned siden

    6:16 sheeeeeesh

  • ari barclay
    ari barclayMåned siden

    poor knowledge

  • L O L
    L O LMåned siden

    "hi i'm chi with a C and you probably don't know who I am..... but after this, you still wont know who I am" lmaoooooooooo

  • L O L
    L O LMåned siden

    okayyyyy, Chi thoooooo i love her lmao

  • Krishna Raina
    Krishna RainaMåned siden

    Kinda feel bad for chi with ac , she broke her nail while opening the muffin .

  • boiishutup
    boiishutupMåned siden

    Is no one gonna talk about the girl?

  • Tankz
    TankzMåned siden

    Dude this thing happened to me when he drank expired milk after a hot pepper it happened exactly as in the video

  • Lelandboss0314
    Lelandboss0314Måned siden

    She dosen't look like she wants to do it🤣