SNEAKING A Painting Into National ART GALLERY

Sneaking a fake painting of myself into the national gallery, next to paintings that are worth £1,000,000s. Hope you guys enjoy this fake painting prank!
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  • Lightning Strikes
    Lightning Strikes9 minutter siden


  • Abdullah Ali
    Abdullah Ali9 timer siden

    12:50 I like how niko always gives George away in such a situation

  • Fahim Rahman
    Fahim RahmanDag siden


  • Manya Rohloff
    Manya RohloffDag siden

    This is one of those times where he could have gotten away with it for weeks probly if he had just been a bit more subtle and left after

  • Elonado
    ElonadoDag siden

    Their reaction was heart melting.

  • Just Some Guy With Dragon Tattoo
    Just Some Guy With Dragon Tattoo2 dager siden

    if only he didn't tell the security 😭

  • Junaid
    Junaid2 dager siden

    Your the biggest legend I know

  • エイバYour Local Weebエイバ
    エイバYour Local Weebエイバ3 dager siden

    Niko: whats your name? Guy: Andrew Niko: Ok Anthony Look here Niko a minute later: Aright Augustus

  • Jeff Zhang
    Jeff Zhang3 dager siden

    mr. finesse

  • Etauta Kolai
    Etauta Kolai3 dager siden

    3.8M views and 3.8 Subscribers Finally, both end is meeting.

  • Chaseydoodle YT
    Chaseydoodle YT4 dager siden

    Omg lol why do they believe this

  • milo mills
    milo mills4 dager siden

    lets goooooo

  • Nicole Lee
    Nicole Lee4 dager siden

    I realize that he’s just immature af and wasting people’s time on the job, but why is their incompetence so hilarious 😂

  • P T
    P T4 dager siden


  • Anonymous
    Anonymous4 dager siden

    Subtitles be like: "I am Nicole milano"

  • Ariv Kalra
    Ariv Kalra4 dager siden

    This man can literally pull of a grand heist

  • M00NMAN 88
    M00NMAN 884 dager siden

    We wuz artists and sheeet.

  • Virsho
    Virsho4 dager siden

    I actually thought she was Georgian

  • اكثرو من الصلاة على النبي
    اكثرو من الصلاة على النبي4 dager siden

    اللهم صل وسلم على النبي محمد """

  • El professor A a a a a a a
    El professor A a a a a a a5 dager siden

    Everything is scripted 😂

  • Little Mangz

    Little Mangz

    4 dager siden

    what is scripted

  • Chris Williamson
    Chris Williamson5 dager siden

    Niko is basically an english Borat

  • Darrz
    Darrz5 dager siden

    This was posted on my birthday lol

  • Caicoskid
    Caicoskid5 dager siden

    1:17 I’m dead

  • Ace_Monkey_Ilium
    Ace_Monkey_Ilium5 dager siden

    This idea came from Reckless Ben.

  • OneDayAtATime With Lew Barlow
    OneDayAtATime With Lew Barlow5 dager siden

    The only thing i would have changed is for him to have to just left and said nothing just to see how long it lasted

  • Abhisek Das
    Abhisek Das5 dager siden

    nobody noticed he said Leonardo di caprio :0

  • PBJ Magician
    PBJ Magician5 dager siden

    3:01 LOLOLOL

  • shrek
    shrek6 dager siden

    Nobody: Not a single soul: Subtitle: I am nicole milano

  • big man
    big man6 dager siden

    niko in 30 years i snuk in to earia 51 and befriended alien and became god

  • noops
    noops6 dager siden


  • DrDuck
    DrDuck6 dager siden


  • Omega 2K06
    Omega 2K066 dager siden

    In 5 years: Sneaking into Fort Knox and replacing all the gold with Children’s sunglasses

  • Kieran Archer
    Kieran Archer6 dager siden

    You can kneel before it if you want 😂😂😂

  • xkarpx _
    xkarpx _6 dager siden

    down bellow

  • Umm Ummayma
    Umm Ummayma6 dager siden

    Funny thing is that my bros and and my sister call me a bean head and your using beans

    UNKNOWN ZR6 dager siden

    Why would he tell the security thatvhe put it there.

    DJ DETO6 dager siden

    Sneak into Queen's room and replace Kohinoor with an image of Indian flag

  • Yai Phaba ✓
    Yai Phaba ✓6 dager siden

    Give me Anthony's no. Someone

  • Dr. Dior
    Dr. Dior6 dager siden

    this is actually vandilism so if we dont see niko hes arrested

  • Emily Fentem
    Emily Fentem7 dager siden

    He could of just said “are you members of the kkk? Just say yes” and they would’ve.

  • Smartii3s


    2 dager siden

    They probably wouldn't be clueless enough and most likely would know who the KKK Are

  • Curtis Davey
    Curtis Davey7 dager siden

    oh yeah there's no plate hahahah

  • james3108
    james31087 dager siden

    Is it me or does Niko seem like he could rob a bank like its nothing

  • james3108
    james31087 dager siden

    Is it me or does Niko seem like he could rob a bank like its nothing

  • Ethan Mader
    Ethan Mader7 dager siden

    I feel violated

  • Spider Maj
    Spider Maj7 dager siden

    I really want to know how this legend has not been arrested

  • Poric Crompton
    Poric Crompton7 dager siden

    It could’ve lasted there for days if he hadn’t mentioned it 😂

  • Thejus Chandran
    Thejus Chandran8 dager siden

    9:58 leonardo DiCaprio? 😂

  • Justin Brooks
    Justin Brooks8 dager siden

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  • Justin Brooks
    Justin Brooks8 dager siden

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  • jacky mai
    jacky mai8 dager siden

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  • Tina Nguyen
    Tina Nguyen8 dager siden

    The rotten ticket eventually occur because typhoon fascinatingly add versus a cumbersome honey. quizzical, thoughtless bugle

  • san sahota
    san sahota9 dager siden

    Niko sneak In to the queens house

  • Jay Miller
    Jay Miller9 dager siden

    The clever sister inherently memorise because yugoslavian collectively squeak given a learned instrument. public, boiling bra

  • san sahota
    san sahota10 dager siden

    I been there

  • Daniel Hernandez
    Daniel Hernandez12 dager siden

    You guys should’ve left it over night

  • ADD
    ADD15 dager siden

    “You smoking crack”😂😂

  • Central Intelligence Agency
    Central Intelligence Agency16 dager siden

    Imagine dude just snatches it and the guards think he’s stealing a priceless painting lol

    NO NAME16 dager siden


  • Jonathan Allan
    Jonathan Allan18 dager siden

    How the fuck has he not gotten arrested? Seriously I am inspired by his ability to finesse out of these situations

  • Craig Grist
    Craig Grist18 dager siden

    lockedroses_ is a babe

  • Box Like a fish
    Box Like a fish18 dager siden


  • NIHAL PlayZ
    NIHAL PlayZ20 dager siden

    His videos are funny

  • Ayomi Edirisinghe
    Ayomi Edirisinghe20 dager siden

    The plate "dropped and flew away" dead 💀

  • theboi
    theboi20 dager siden

    9:50 cracked me up 🤣🤣🤣 Are you smoking crack

  • Antornthi
    Antornthi23 dager siden

    he IS the sneaker. No i mean the shoe XD

  • Daniela Vallejo
    Daniela Vallejo25 dager siden

    Niko is the British version of Lupin in this video haha, so funny ;)

  • Generlc Human
    Generlc Human25 dager siden

    "Hey uhhh, it's Jason, it's that 'Niko' guy again."

  • Ryan W
    Ryan W25 dager siden

    dude did they open the painting and check to see if you snuck a real painting behind yours? those dummies

  • Aidan Chapman
    Aidan Chapman27 dager siden

    “You smoking crack?” The way he says it so casually 😂

  • Bernadette Pearson
    Bernadette Pearson27 dager siden

    The thundering jennifer synchronously jog because reason bizarrely rescue past a married barge. hungry, greedy vinyl

  • Spaniel ACE
    Spaniel ACE28 dager siden

    Niko in 2040, I snuck into the Eiffel Tower and surprised France with another one.

  • Jamesin Waberer
    Jamesin Waberer28 dager siden

    The enthusiastic fan pathogenetically vanish because jar temporally telephone plus a uptight cafe. slow, laughable apparatus

  • eduardo
    eduardo28 dager siden

    I think the securty was walking by you becasue they new

  • Sirhan Khalid
    Sirhan Khalid29 dager siden


  • Naldo Skies Vevo
    Naldo Skies Vevo29 dager siden

    Heavenly father i pray that you keep the person reading this alive, safe, healthy and financially blessed ✝️!!!!!

  • Parwana Saddiqui
    Parwana SaddiquiMåned siden


  • Âkīrâ
    ÂkīrâMåned siden

    Niko is the living embodiment of YOLO

  • MLGB0Yz
    MLGB0YzMåned siden

    “I want you, I need you. No, I don’t wanna chase anymore.” The way that sounded was amazing

  • LennonMC
    LennonMCMåned siden

    as subtle as a brick 😂😂

  • K1k1
    K1k1Måned siden

    "You smokin Crack?" 9:47

  • Ethan Gatenby
    Ethan GatenbyMåned siden

    as a great man once said: 'well well, how the turntables'

  • Amelia Staresinic
    Amelia StaresinicMåned siden

    Official NDL member

  • Jeffrey Buffkin
    Jeffrey BuffkinMåned siden

    Only Niko could turn this into a 14 minute video

  • Space Skipster
    Space SkipsterMåned siden

    God, could you imagine doing this in the US...? There'd be cops and guns...🙄 But the Brits, ... "fair play Mate, take your picture home." 😂

  • Vource


    Måned siden

    I know lol

  • UnforgivablyX
    UnforgivablyXMåned siden

    Man I'm surprised he's not been arrested yet!

  • Kylie Nail
    Kylie NailMåned siden

    Giving me that one scene from Oceans 8 vibes

  • BlooHoots
    BlooHootsMåned siden

    Bruh as a fellow artist myself i got scared when i thought that the painting would be kept by them and they would destroy it XD

  • Nadz
    NadzMåned siden

    the security just shows they dont pay attention to the paintings

  • Nadz
    NadzMåned siden

    "van goph yeah hes the one that chopped his ears n dat"

  • Nadz
    NadzMåned siden

    i thought he was going to pick out the worst painting out of them all 😂

  • Meep Meep
    Meep MeepMåned siden

    The plate flew away, dam that happens alot in art galleries actually, its happened in my town actually, the plate to the painting in n art gallery, had flew away n the wings were invisible n now its known as the painting without a plate

  • Tigershark Gaming
    Tigershark GamingMåned siden

    8:23 🤣🤣🤣

  • Bruno Wessel
    Bruno WesselMåned siden

    10:03 vincent van gogh and leonardo dicaprio 😂

  • Alish 20
    Alish 20Måned siden

    "Leonardi Dicaprio" 😂😂

  • Ebz B
    Ebz BMåned siden

    “If you want you can kneel before it” had me wheezing 😭

  • Yellow Raindrop
    Yellow RaindropMåned siden

    Antony is poggers because my favourite colours are yellow and pink

  • Life’s Important Things
    Life’s Important ThingsMåned siden

    Wonder how long it couldve stayed if you didnt tell any guqrd and had a descriptionplate

  • gytis ziukas
    gytis ziukasMåned siden

    the plan literally sounded like a heist

  • AlfredYT harwood
    AlfredYT harwoodMåned siden

    Imagine if the gallery wanted put it up there forever because it was too good

  • Reece Mason
    Reece MasonMåned siden

    Should have just put it up and left😂 never know how long a paining of nico would stay in the national art gallery