SNEAKING In Online High School Classes (ZOOM PRANK)

Sneaking in online high school classes, hope you guys enjoy this online class trolling prank!
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  • Jake Readman
    Jake ReadmanTime siden

    Niko ur fucking joke bro

  • Mario’s Kublan
    Mario’s Kublan17 timer siden


  • Tahmid Ahmed
    Tahmid Ahmed21 time siden

    "Peter file" loool 😂😂🤣🤣

  • Leo Liu
    Leo LiuDag siden


  • Heber
    HeberDag siden

    Why is there so many people NOprojects named George

  • Husna Momand
    Husna MomandDag siden

    My guy is tooooo funny also my whole fam voted for u

  • Compressed Soup
    Compressed Soup3 dager siden

    aye james may voice fr 3:11

  • arran MILBY
    arran MILBY3 dager siden

    What a tune at the start

  • Igor Ouwerkerk
    Igor Ouwerkerk3 dager siden

    The Joe Mama joke had me dieing so bad

  • Elle Lax
    Elle Lax4 dager siden

    Noo his name is peter file

  • James Enticott
    James Enticott4 dager siden

    RIP Agatha lol

  • Fidel favela
    Fidel favela4 dager siden


  • Content MAN
    Content MAN4 dager siden

    Poor gordon

  • NYXL_Happy
    NYXL_Happy5 dager siden

    lmao "peter file"

  • lilstump55
    lilstump555 dager siden

    For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son that who ever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life💯

  • RapidCyclone
    RapidCyclone5 dager siden

    The addicted fold hisologically want because olive disappointedly release on a romantic freighter. deranged, resonant engine

  • noops
    noops5 dager siden


  • Oman Lomto
    Oman Lomto7 dager siden


  • Karima Ahmed
    Karima Ahmed7 dager siden


  • mr bezo
    mr bezo7 dager siden

    Jesus Christ is coming repent from sins. ........

  • Ardijan Shashivari
    Ardijan Shashivari7 dager siden

    At 5:46 you see his face

  • Tornado crusher Gaming
    Tornado crusher Gaming7 dager siden

    AYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY put on the camera

  • dcorn
    dcorn8 dager siden


  • brandon single now
    brandon single now8 dager siden


  • XZSummer
    XZSummer8 dager siden


  • Jr Rose
    Jr Rose8 dager siden

    Reminds me of a 9 yr old..

  • Jr Rose
    Jr Rose8 dager siden

    Your a putz annoying 🙄 not funny

  • spaz z
    spaz z9 dager siden

    say happy birrthday annie gur

  • ItzPlopMC
    ItzPlopMC9 dager siden

    all the dislikes are the teachers and fbi XD

  • Zynthyx
    Zynthyx9 dager siden

    2:25 I like how he's blurring her face, as if it's actually working.

  • •Kind Soul•
    •Kind Soul•9 dager siden

    Kris J. Charlz was a good sport, talk about having patience with bratz. I hope Omilana gave him a lot of money for wasting his time, after all they do say time is money.

  • Freddy mukhim
    Freddy mukhim13 dager siden

    You're so boring mate

  • I don’t know
    I don’t know14 dager siden

    People can’t do this to my school because we have our own school site we go on it’s shite

  • ChickenDue 69
    ChickenDue 6914 dager siden

    Need it for 2021

  • ratchet
    ratchet14 dager siden

    “Who’s peter phile”

  • D
    D15 dager siden

    Teacher: who's talking Niko: joe Teacher again: joe who The sheer amount of power he possess right now

  • Prince vegeta
    Prince vegeta18 dager siden

    Agatha be like when she goes to school socially:😶

  • I91AM
    I91AM19 dager siden

    hello gordon

  • Unknown_Sasuke !
    Unknown_Sasuke !20 dager siden

    congrats for 3.69 subz

  • FaZe_swrlx
    FaZe_swrlx20 dager siden

    Y luw yo

  • Mi.dare.me0x
    Mi.dare.me0x21 dag siden

    0:04 I thought she said nervous I was like well what you nervous for... Lol 👻

  • multistanned
    multistanned21 dag siden


  • Liam Kelk
    Liam Kelk21 dag siden

    He did this before rampz and snowy joe

  • ItsYaBoySteve
    ItsYaBoySteve21 dag siden

    What a lad Haha

  • Reshirex
    Reshirex21 dag siden


  • ッAouse
    ッAouse22 dager siden


  • Ibrahim Shah
    Ibrahim Shah22 dager siden

    Omg !!! Niko was in my class !!!!!!!!!

  • Lii gamer

    Lii gamer

    8 dager siden


  • HM - 06RV 777779 Balmoral Drive Sr PS
    HM - 06RV 777779 Balmoral Drive Sr PS27 dager siden

    7:55 did anyone realize he is holding a kitten or just me.

  • Lauren Gillespie
    Lauren Gillespie27 dager siden

    HAHAH thats so scary

  • Jerry Gutierrez
    Jerry Gutierrez27 dager siden

    Look at that guy up there he speaking English

  • Ezabul Alam
    Ezabul Alam29 dager siden

    Oh my god

  • Mohammad farhat
    Mohammad farhatMåned siden

    I swear the baddest , most hilarious video I’ve ever seen like literally I’m addicted to it , well done mate 👏🏻

  • Adrian Gashi
    Adrian GashiMåned siden

    U ruined Agatha’s life LMAO

  • OMG-_Lysergic
    OMG-_LysergicMåned siden

    😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭 best vid

  • Were You
    Were YouMåned siden

    So drenched

  • Amy Mills
    Amy MillsMåned siden

    Good luck

  • JKill
    JKillMåned siden

    As a Venezuelan, I found this shit hella funny

  • adrian gørrissen
    adrian gørrissenMåned siden


  • K sauce
    K sauceMåned siden

    niko is pathetic. towmad is the best zoom raider in the world.

  • K sauce

    K sauce

    22 dager siden

    @nigga black no it is for people who want to experience how it feels like to take drugs while having ADHD.

  • nigga black

    nigga black

    22 dager siden

    Towmad is for cringy preteenagers

  • zeegy
    zeegyMåned siden

    at 0:22 there is a kanye poster did not know niko was a kanye fan kinda wierd ngl

  • Nic.S
    Nic.SMåned siden


  • Uni-Bike
    Uni-BikeMåned siden

    I loveeee Georgeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Oliver Jones
    Oliver JonesMåned siden

    they were learning what I am learning in maths what the fuck

  • Oh Yeah yeah
    Oh Yeah yeahMåned siden


  • Yufeng yan
    Yufeng yanMåned siden


  • Not Musa
    Not MusaMåned siden

    that agatha girl....ohhhh man!!!!!!

  • Ben McNutt
    Ben McNuttMåned siden

    My grandson Agatha I'm dead

  • Adhithya Raghupathy
    Adhithya RaghupathyMåned siden


  • Kharatishvilli
    KharatishvilliMåned siden


    LIGHTNING FASTMåned siden

    “Joe who” “Joe momma” LOL 😂

  • BSF Studios
    BSF StudiosMåned siden


  • Gqtr 2
    Gqtr 2Måned siden

    Man that e dubble brings me back

  • Ruby Sutton
    Ruby SuttonMåned siden

    I swear that’s Kristen hanbys sister and mum

  • King Shadow
    King ShadowMåned siden

    u can see the persons face at 5:46

  • Jimmy Beanz
    Jimmy BeanzMåned siden

    Are we not gonna talk about the's ipad

  • Fahrenheit man
    Fahrenheit manMåned siden

    This is one of the only NOprojectsrs you actually makes me laugh out loud.

  • lil’buggie x
    lil’buggie xMåned siden

    Teacher be like: who’s that Niko:Joe Teacher:Joe who Niko: JOE MOMA!!!🔥🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂

  • Alvaro's cancer
    Alvaro's cancerMåned siden

    6:02 Niko finally gets embarrassed. That's rare.

  • Hamza Elkholy

    Hamza Elkholy

    4 dager siden

    he felt bad not embarrassed

  • gigglesteve
    gigglesteveMåned siden

    Spell your name : ShhhHHhhhh

  • Patrik Ambrožič
    Patrik AmbrožičMåned siden

    I studying same thing now as in first zoom 😂😂

  • ITz Colm
    ITz ColmMåned siden

    Chunk just laying there not giving a fuck

  • Omer Liran
    Omer LiranMåned siden


  • Scubster 392
    Scubster 392Måned siden

    Nah you were so mean to the first one. He deserved better

  • Xblue Panther
    Xblue PantherMåned siden


  • ThunderwalkerTV
    ThunderwalkerTVMåned siden

    5:46 his face

  • Charlie Hunt
    Charlie HuntMåned siden

    Anyone know the song for his outro

    FRØGGI VIBINMåned siden

    Lol u shmuck

  • Avi’s Daily Story Time
    Avi’s Daily Story TimeMåned siden

    0:46 weren’t you old before

  • Darragh Buckley
    Darragh BuckleyMåned siden

    This is the future Mayor of London everyone🙌🏻

  • Jimmy Johnson
    Jimmy JohnsonMåned siden

    5:46 teacher's face

  • Catal
    CatalMåned siden


  • Turtan
    TurtanMåned siden

    that mask that makes you look old is so creepy

    BREAKING KINGSMåned siden

    Lmao my grandson/grandaughter

  • Alex Does Stuff
    Alex Does StuffMåned siden

    james 3:10 From the same mouth come blessing and cursing. My brothers, these things ought not to be so. (Also Jesus is king God is king)

  • DYZ9KY Xd
    DYZ9KY XdMåned siden

    5:30 ahgahahahajajsh

  • VildaCZ
    VildaCZMåned siden

    4:15 best

  • Rob YT
    Rob YTMåned siden

    Why doe Poor students

  • Patrick Bryan
    Patrick BryanMåned siden

    The American boy😂🤣

  • ishaq miah
    ishaq miahMåned siden


  • Abdijibar Muse
    Abdijibar MuseMåned siden

    Funny names, PETER FILE, JACK HOFF😂😂😂