SNEAKING Into Jake Paul Vs AnEsonGib FIGHT

Jake Paul vs AnEsonGib both had a huge boxing match, im going to be sneaking in to see KSI, the sidemen and maybe Shannon Briggs? SUBSCRIBE TO JOIN THE NDL.
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  • Sniffledikkle
    Sniffledikkle6 timer siden

    Bruh if he gets into the tiktok vs youtube event. That’d be mad

  • Mashroor Adeeb Siddiqui
    Mashroor Adeeb Siddiqui10 timer siden

    The best video you tube has ever seen! Keep it up my bro!

  • Daniel Hauskins
    Daniel Hauskins16 timer siden

    2:50 he embarresed them again

  • Alycia Gordan
    Alycia GordanDag siden

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  • GC Revenant
    GC RevenantDag siden

    if they snap his legs or anything he can just sue them for their life lol

  • Jadxn
    JadxnDag siden

    “Rent Sayeed”

  • Darian Yan
    Darian YanDag siden

    0:46 "Olimano"

  • Aljawharah A
    Aljawharah A2 dager siden

    Saudi princes definitely DON'T dress like that !

  • Jochem
    Jochem2 dager siden

    reng sayeed hahaa

  • jacky mai
    jacky mai2 dager siden

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  • Jakarta Autospeed
    Jakarta Autospeed 2 dager siden

    is it just me that i just realised in the middle of the video that "Reng Sayeed" sounds just like ringside...!!!

  • Gunzerhaussen
    Gunzerhaussen2 dager siden

    Inshallah 🙏 🙏 🙏

  • Meshal Almutairi
    Meshal Almutairi2 dager siden

    reng sayeed became reng shaheed, rip.

  • PENG
    PENG2 dager siden

    Niko is the legend of NOprojects

  • ElmoK _92
    ElmoK _922 dager siden

    So we ain’t gonna talk about the fact that he’s a “Saudi prince” with a UAE ID card😂

  • entries entries
    entries entries3 dager siden

    Security guards when niko isn't here: "we are gonna break his f*cking legs" Security guards when niko is here: "uM LeTs Go SiR"😰

  • Darren Lewis

    Darren Lewis

    Dag siden

    "I was just disarming you of a weapon"

  • Hercules
    Hercules3 dager siden

    Niko for the Jake Paul Vs ksi u need to get some professional make up artists etc and get that clay shit on Ur face and look like a totally different person. Then get into the ring or watch the whole fight

  • jofeg priposki
    jofeg priposki3 dager siden

    You should have ran to the most packed part of the crowd and yelled “ALLUAH ACKBAR” you probably would have died but it’s funny

  • Lisa Phillips
    Lisa Phillips3 dager siden

    Joe Weller looks like a lesbian haha

  • Prabnoor Singh
    Prabnoor Singh3 dager siden

    10:12 the jealousy in jj’s eyes is too much

  • Angelica King
    Angelica King3 dager siden

    How has Niko not been arrested yet😂

  • dydyd majuedha
    dydyd majuedha3 dager siden


  • P. Thaksheel
    P. Thaksheel3 dager siden

    Ring side more like reng sayeed

  • OsamaHasBenLaggen
    OsamaHasBenLaggen3 dager siden

    انامن وين يا بو خالد ما شاء ما عندي رصيد ادق على جوال امك دق ✊ من عند ابوي انا انت انت يا ابن الحلال يا ابن العم وين ما في ولا ولد ولا وين وين رحت انت ما قلت لك ما عندي ولا لا لا ما عليك لا يا اخي والله العظيم والله اني انا انا انت انت مين يا ابن عمي انا ما اعرف ليش انت ليش لا والله انا انت انت مين يا ابن عمي انا ما اعرف ليش انت ليش لا والله انا ☝️ انا انا انت يا عمري انت انت عمري انتي حياتي عمري حياتي قلبي عمري حياتي حياتي قلبي يا حياتي انتي قلبي قلبي حياتي يا بعد روحي نانت حبيبي 😘

  • Hoffer
    Hoffer3 dager siden

    u`re the legend

  • PhilJayFri
    PhilJayFri3 dager siden

    wow just because he’s muslim? wow why you gotta do that to reng sayeed

  • Linguine
    Linguine3 dager siden

    Can't wait to see him sneak into the Logan V Mayweather fight

  • Blitz Krieg
    Blitz Krieg3 dager siden

    That joe weller thing was so fake lol

  • mason rahman
    mason rahman3 dager siden

    shoulda hung out with vikkstar

  • ryu ali
    ryu ali3 dager siden

    shouldve went with a different name like why jeprodize the operation.

  • Yellow Butterfly
    Yellow Butterfly3 dager siden

    i love how you can see his eyes through the glasses

  • Thotam
    Thotam3 dager siden

    NDL never gives up:)

  • Benedict !
    Benedict !4 dager siden

    Next time Nike will try to get in together with 99 almost identical looking people, and just see everyone’s reaction ;)

  • Arohi Simi
    Arohi Simi4 dager siden

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  • Malik Haider
    Malik Haider4 dager siden

    Muffuka look like he can buy me😥

  • the unknown guy
    the unknown guy4 dager siden

    0:45 youtuber niko olimalo

  • The Snooze Studio
    The Snooze Studio4 dager siden

    Banned later to know he is the mayor of London.

  • jacky mai
    jacky mai4 dager siden

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  • Rami Coobtee
    Rami Coobtee4 dager siden

    i have the same birthday as rend sayeed!!! It's an honor

  • Jamie_p 07
    Jamie_p 074 dager siden

    Anyone here after the Logan paul vs mayweather fight 🔥😂😂😂

  • Rose Wilson
    Rose Wilson4 dager siden

    He literally pulled a Lupin III on them

  • Beavermatix X
    Beavermatix X4 dager siden

    Reng Saheed such a legend

  • Waz
    Waz4 dager siden

    Took me a second haha Reng saheed hahaha 😝

  • StoleYoBiscuitHoe 1
    StoleYoBiscuitHoe 14 dager siden

    They mad at a NOprojectsr cuz he made they security looks like shit

  • Ebbalouable vlogs
    Ebbalouable vlogs4 dager siden


  • Silvia Rodriguez
    Silvia Rodriguez4 dager siden

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  • leo chinchilla

    leo chinchilla

    3 dager siden

    facts silvia bestie

  • Fatema Karim
    Fatema Karim4 dager siden

    Ringside has to comeback for The NOprojects Vs TikTok Fight.

  • Vander Souza
    Vander Souza4 dager siden

    Tiozão com um boné da Cone... From Brazil 2011 kkkkkkk

  • gudgari filaspif
    gudgari filaspif4 dager siden

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  • xpiggyprozx
    xpiggyprozx4 dager siden

    This guy is proper hilarious 🤣

  • Cinnamon Toast
    Cinnamon Toast4 dager siden

    I was just spamming ndl in the premiere

  • اكثرو من الصلاة على النبي
    اكثرو من الصلاة على النبي4 dager siden

    اللهم صل وسلم على النبي محمد """

  • seokuudere
    seokuudere4 dager siden

    ayo as a muslim he kinda passes as reng saheed yk

  • Gio Gwno
    Gio Gwno4 dager siden

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  • Sirohige 😈
    Sirohige 😈4 dager siden


  • Aslami Jesorin
    Aslami Jesorin4 dager siden

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  • Reality
    Reality5 dager siden

    This is maaad, loved the video!

  • Shinobidog
    Shinobidog5 dager siden

    Why would I take my glasses off I'm blind

  • time the games
    time the games5 dager siden

    I think that all the Arabs, when they see the way he wears the shemagh, they know that he is not an Arab at all or he look like an Arabian prince 😂😂😂!!!!!!! By the way "shemagh" is the red and white thing that he wears on his head.

  • Gopalia Giriniya
    Gopalia Giriniya5 dager siden

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  • Grace Howard
    Grace Howard5 dager siden

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  • Saud Alkaabi
    Saud Alkaabi5 dager siden

    Whats funny is that he is wearing a Kuwaiti Kendora ( sorry I don’t know how to spell Kendora in English)

  • Sunjay Norris
    Sunjay Norris5 dager siden

    they probably thought he was a terrorist and didn't let him in

  • wei sheng cheng
    wei sheng cheng5 dager siden

    Where are you reng sayeed during Floyd and Logan Paul fight ??????????😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂?????😂😂😂😂😂

  • The Man
    The Man5 dager siden

    when ksi sees this, youtube will be shatter

  • Jaafar Abbas
    Jaafar Abbas5 dager siden

    ‘Why would I take my glasses of I’m blind’ lmaoooo that killed me.....

  • Forgtaz
    Forgtaz5 dager siden

    next time you should shave your beard so they don't reconize you

  • Catherine Evans
    Catherine Evans5 dager siden

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  • Kalani Moeai
    Kalani Moeai5 dager siden

    Security was rather cringe

  • lilstump55
    lilstump555 dager siden

    For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son that who ever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life💯

  • Sate Pestage

    Sate Pestage

    3 dager siden


  • Hasan BX
    Hasan BX5 dager siden

    The Islam is good not bad and the Arab too

  • DragonBeam
    DragonBeam5 dager siden

    NiKo OmIlAnO

  • Moor
    Moor5 dager siden

    U are dumb for doing this u gonna go prison sometime

  • Requelme James
    Requelme James5 dager siden

    There was no point him doing this the fight lasted 1 round 😔

  • Halima Assaouci
    Halima Assaouci5 dager siden

    Reng stayed

  • Lukas Liorancas
    Lukas Liorancas5 dager siden

    George is the real winner😂😂😂😂

  • Querae
    Querae6 dager siden

    Sneak into logan Paul vs floyd mayweather

  • Wilmer Kraig
    Wilmer Kraig6 dager siden

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  • Henry.s
    Henry.s6 dager siden

    @niko, can’t wait to see you tonight🤫🤫🤫

  • Romeo Singh
    Romeo Singh6 dager siden

    This man is crazy 🤣

  • Caren Southerland
    Caren Southerland6 dager siden

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  • Valerie Roberts
    Valerie Roberts6 dager siden

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  • cillian mclaverty
    cillian mclaverty6 dager siden

    He doesn’t have a Id but he does have an IED

  • Albert the Cockatiel
    Albert the Cockatiel6 dager siden

    Among us

  • Rebecca Dawkins
    Rebecca Dawkins6 dager siden


  • wstwarrior123
    wstwarrior1236 dager siden

    Niko should have one of his friends buy tickets hire personal bodyguards and have a fake name go to the fight and get seats for his bodyguards it will be a high but low profile if he has the body guards dress casual

  • ㄖ爪卂尺ギフ
    ㄖ爪卂尺ギフ6 dager siden

    i can mess with America police but come to dubai

  • [💎👑] AxuzqR  ✓
    [💎👑] AxuzqR ✓6 dager siden

    Best thing ever.

  • Drayden Berkland
    Drayden Berkland6 dager siden

    My guy looks like osama😂

  • Chrissy R
    Chrissy R6 dager siden

    How did he like survive with american police

  • LeoTheLion Entertainment
    LeoTheLion Entertainment6 dager siden

    i love how niko's disguises barely disguise him, well.... sometimes

  • David Sanchez
    David Sanchez6 dager siden

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  • WallSt Bets
    WallSt Bets6 dager siden

    Learn from the video people, when people think you rich they want to be your best friend. These youtubers literally we trowing fake love and compliments. " You my fcking hero " " You a great man"

  • Akari Yano
    Akari Yano6 dager siden

    that shooking

  • Abi K
    Abi K6 dager siden

    Niko and Sacha Baron Cohen (Borat, General Aladdin) collab is something I want to see

  • Gr1ff1n -_-
    Gr1ff1n -_-6 dager siden


  • Elyazya and Dhabia
    Elyazya and Dhabia6 dager siden

    editor: *edits niko into a uae local id card* niko: "Reng Saeed, Prince, of Saudi Arabia" and its saeed not sayeed :) (just info from a emirati person)

  • Andrew Christo
    Andrew Christo6 dager siden

    You baited yourself out maaate....

  • bob bob
    bob bob6 dager siden

    0:46 neeko onamalo smh