SNEAKING Into KSI Vs Logan Paul Rematch (in the ring)


  • Andre's
    Andre's4 timer siden

    Lmao this dude💯🤣

  • Andre's
    Andre's4 timer siden

    Would like to know what the backup plan was get inside

  • Nat Nat
    Nat Nat11 timer siden

    lol You will cure my depression keep making videos, and the beta squad please

  • J Sinden
    J Sinden19 timer siden

    Mate I wish you won London mayor f ing ledge

  • S7
    S7Dag siden

    I literally cheered once he got in the ring.

  • king Ammo
    king AmmoDag siden

    Ahaahahahahahahahahahhahahaha i fucking love you niko hhahhahahahhahhahahahahahahhaahhahhahhahahahh

  • John DeLeon
    John DeLeonDag siden

    Anyone saw the "ksi is dead"😂

  • Sam Moody
    Sam Moody2 dager siden

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  • radqoga fobufbo
    radqoga fobufbo2 dager siden

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  • electricpants
    electricpants2 dager siden

    I'm a noncai KSI

  • Controller Player
    Controller Player2 dager siden

    GOAT NOprojectsR

  • Rahan Talukder
    Rahan Talukder2 dager siden

    Let's just hope Jake vs KSI is like this...

  • Mohammad Almehairbi
    Mohammad Almehairbi3 dager siden

    لا سوي جو

  • Y
    Y3 dager siden

    Ring Sayeed?

  • lilstump55
    lilstump553 dager siden

    For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son that who ever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life

  • Think Science 7
    Think Science 73 dager siden

    This guy is so relaxed Like the way he is, so natural.

  • Alex MacKenzie
    Alex MacKenzie3 dager siden

    Boxers tend not to be very high on the IQ scale but when someone explains it to him you might need to avoid him

  • Alex MacKenzie
    Alex MacKenzie3 dager siden

    You could lose the security guy his job tho

  • Zak M
    Zak M4 dager siden

    lets go champ

  • Kyler TheBoss
    Kyler TheBoss4 dager siden

    No one gonna talk about him sitting next to quadeca uhh ok

  • hong ratanak
    hong ratanak4 dager siden

    Im a poosay 🤣🤣🤣

  • Hayden Prophit
    Hayden Prophit4 dager siden

    Yo airrack has snuck into more tho

  • Aadil
    Aadil4 dager siden

    Where were for the logan vs Floyd fight my guy????

  • Dr_ Chyll
    Dr_ Chyll4 dager siden

    Anyone notice that he sat next to QUEDECA?

  • Stephen Tokko
    Stephen Tokko4 dager siden

    (Revelation 20:11-15)And I saw a great white throne, and him that sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away; and there was found no place for them. And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works. And the sea gave up the dead which were in it; and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them: and they were judged every man according to their works. And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death. And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire. (Revelation 20:11-15)

  • Charon IVVI
    Charon IVVI4 dager siden

    You are a god damn legend respect Ndl 4 ever

  • Adrian Reynolds
    Adrian Reynolds4 dager siden

    This decided to show in my recommendation after Logal Paul beat Floyd Mayweather

  • Sergic Alcantara
    Sergic Alcantara4 dager siden

    Brits: “the American education is trash”. American: “whats 7x8?” Brit: “ *sweats but tries to play it off* “ American: “56” Dude can’t even multiply 7x8 🤦🏻‍♂️😂

  • Just another Guy

    Just another Guy

    4 dager siden

    Bro, as an Aussie I wouldn’t have answered either 🤣 And nothing to do with not having the answer. The fact you - or Jake, think that’s an educated question... If he asked Jake Paul to spell ‘cat’ would that make him an English Scholar? Furthermore, when you are expecting banter and instead get a 2nd grade Maths equation I’d be pretty f****** confused too.

  • Thani Tm

    Thani Tm

    4 dager siden

    I think maybe you can’t multiply 7x8

  • asdf edsf
    asdf edsf5 dager siden

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  • S A Z O Z
    S A Z O Z5 dager siden


  • kejqina pagosjut
    kejqina pagosjut5 dager siden

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  • Augustas Jegerskas
    Augustas Jegerskas5 dager siden


  • Gamers Guide
    Gamers Guide5 dager siden

    I thought u would sneak into the logan paul vs floyd mayweather 😂

  • D.5 lefar
    D.5 lefar5 dager siden

    Is he gonna in sneak to logan vs mayweather 😂

  • BillyZ
    BillyZ5 dager siden


  • Farzana Wasim
    Farzana Wasim5 dager siden


  • BillyZ


    5 dager siden


  • Jaafar Abbas
    Jaafar Abbas5 dager siden

    This guy this guy is a legend

  • Olly F
    Olly F5 dager siden

    Watching this 18 months later I realised how exited Niko seemed when JJ won

  • Charlie LIVE
    Charlie LIVE5 dager siden

    This video should have 999@ mil views this man has the biggest BALLS ON THE PLANET

  • Shrek
    Shrek5 dager siden

    12:32 most serious I’ve ever seen him

  • Tahjae Henry
    Tahjae Henry5 dager siden

    How has this guy not got a criminal record

  • Zeo videos 26F

    Zeo videos 26F

    5 dager siden

    Cus the vibes man.

  • D CH YEH
    D CH YEH6 dager siden

    The music The editing The shots The suspens This video make me anxious like i was actually there

  • Sneakoz
    Sneakoz6 dager siden

    10:51 is that Bitch Lasagna Theme?

  • Laurent Givenchy
    Laurent Givenchy6 dager siden

    “Im a pussé, im a noncé”

  • Xoro The Wanderer
    Xoro The Wanderer6 dager siden

    The way Chunkz said content. That hit differently.

  • Astron
    Astron6 dager siden

    2:19 sounded like a beat

  • noops
    noops6 dager siden

    ksi laughed when niko said see you on the ring, little does he know.. :)

  • Ben Connolly
    Ben Connolly6 dager siden

    It’s so mad how he ran for Mayer and got in to the top 5

  • DDGamerDz
    DDGamerDz6 dager siden

    This Guy is the Mayor of London

  • PIX3L.Kid.Gaming


    5 dager siden

    Hes not, he came in 5th place

  • Mjwoods
    Mjwoods6 dager siden

    Who do shit like this

  • Stacy Leonce
    Stacy Leonce6 dager siden

    Yooow i love this guy i just discovered your youtube and youre on point you do as you say i like that... and i have not see any recent vid :(

  • Wildwing
    Wildwing6 dager siden

    I thought he was going to start rapping lol 2:18

  • Poric Crompton
    Poric Crompton6 dager siden

    This was the first video I watched by Niko and I thought it was clickbait

  • Y.O.S.I
    Y.O.S.I6 dager siden

    It’s become a tradition to come back to this video every while

  • g Volume
    g Volume7 dager siden

    " from the United- " Niko : 😕 " Kingdom " Niko : 🙂

  • Jack Wilson
    Jack Wilson7 dager siden

    12:36 will always make me happy, one of the best moments I remembee

  • Priya Stokes
    Priya Stokes7 dager siden


  • Ryan Powell
    Ryan Powell7 dager siden

    Niko Omilana I love your videos and your political movement I live in Canada and I'm wondering when the NDL is going to reclaim its lands for England. When will the Supreme leader plant his flag ! And furthermore what can I do to help how can I become the valuable member of the NDL I'm destined to be get at me Niko. Let's bang out the Niko Defense League Canadia !

  • HillWasTaken
    HillWasTaken7 dager siden

    Quadeca was the real gem in this video

  • Kathy Taylor
    Kathy Taylor7 dager siden

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  • ColossalWeeb
    ColossalWeeb7 dager siden

    What a Goat 🐐

  • TomGames5836
    TomGames58367 dager siden

    United 😔KINGDOM😆😆

  • Chase K
    Chase K7 dager siden

    Sneaking into NOprojects vs tiktok boxing

  • Rita Theis
    Rita Theis8 dager siden

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  • Ayaan Majeed
    Ayaan Majeed8 dager siden

    Let’s go champ!!

  • Arigãtø
    Arigãtø8 dager siden

    This is better than Netflix

  • Dr. HonkusPonkus
    Dr. HonkusPonkus8 dager siden

    Puh-leece broo-tah-le-tee

  • Jack Loaf
    Jack Loaf8 dager siden

    2:20 *starts rapping*

  • Yosr Ben Ghazela
    Yosr Ben Ghazela8 dager siden

    can u go in ytrs vs ttkrs fightt plss

  • Manuel Vazquez
    Manuel Vazquez8 dager siden

    2:19 it sounds like niko is rapping

  • Benny T
    Benny T9 dager siden

    Was that young chip

  • ratai jodou
    ratai jodou9 dager siden

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    MR GAME BREAKERZ9 dager siden

    this man should be in mission impossible 4

  • Tina Nguyen
    Tina Nguyen9 dager siden

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  • a dude named fitzherbert
    a dude named fitzherbert9 dager siden

    this man has some ball’s he should run for mayor of London

  • Pratham Bikkani
    Pratham Bikkani9 dager siden

    12:36 niko was sad coz He thought pogan won bcoz the announcer said united and he thought united states

  • The Source
    The Source9 dager siden

    very amazing Indeed

  • Savag3_Orang3
    Savag3_Orang39 dager siden

    Did anyone else notice the B-word lasagna music by pewdiepie in the background at around 11:00?

  • Ethan Camilo
    Ethan Camilo10 dager siden

    did no one see that 350z or was it just me 8:42

  • saelum 1 year ago
    saelum 1 year ago13 dager siden

    i hope they both look at what they said and freak out LOL

  • FearTheFlipper
    FearTheFlipper14 dager siden

    7:18 dont start now in background

  • bereket aklilu
    bereket aklilu15 dager siden

    The sheer size of balls this guy has is beyond science

  • Shashwat Mishra
    Shashwat Mishra16 dager siden

    years later jake actually is knocking everyone

  • Lip Lryical
    Lip Lryical16 dager siden

    Most craziest prsn in the world 😂😂😂

  • 999forever
    999forever17 dager siden

    IMAO 6:08

  • 999forever
    999forever17 dager siden

    yooo make a fake wristband in the yt vs tiktok boxing match

  • Jaber Jaber
    Jaber Jaber17 dager siden

    12:42 were they happy that there was an earthquake happening?

  • angryRINNI
    angryRINNI17 dager siden


  • onf1e3k2day159scfxk Film Maker
    onf1e3k2day159scfxk Film Maker20 dager siden

    12:36 this looks and this sounds epic i literally got goose bumpse becouse of this moment.

  • Hyper Glypod
    Hyper Glypod20 dager siden

    Me watching this vid after a year

  • Wydot
    Wydot20 dager siden

    Yo he looks like he has a seizure in that thumbnail

  • Al M
    Al M20 dager siden

    Tries to get in ringside with no pass gets a reall pass an gets in 🤷

  • Synx Fc
    Synx Fc20 dager siden

    Jesus Christ loves you

  • p1stol_shr1mp
    p1stol_shr1mp21 dag siden

    Here at 3.69m subs

  • Jawad Tabaja
    Jawad Tabaja22 dager siden

    Did someone see Randolph on 10:15

  • Cai Owen
    Cai Owen22 dager siden

    I’m welsh and this made me happy about our dying language🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

  • Jerald Daguio
    Jerald Daguio22 dager siden

    what a legend

  • Tyler fortnite blevins Stan
    Tyler fortnite blevins Stan23 dager siden

    Niko youre huge❤️❤️❤️

  • Sizan
    Sizan23 dager siden

    2:19 sounds like a rap lol

  • Big Steve
    Big Steve25 dager siden

    Big troll