I stayed overnight at the grocery store for toilet roll lol, big challenge.
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  • Why you Why you record me
    Why you Why you record me16 timer siden

    "gas them" - the next Hitler

  • Maru
    MaruDag siden

    This is like morgz, but everything is actually real.

  • Noscope-_-CD
    Noscope-_-CDDag siden

    The off brand costco

  • NRrhino
    NRrhinoDag siden

    use a shower head

  • Beamer Boy
    Beamer Boy2 dager siden

    Spam ndl here

  • Beamer Boy
    Beamer Boy2 dager siden


  • TJ.Aguirre
    TJ.Aguirre2 dager siden

    Niko:here are my 3 ways to past time Also Niko:puts up 4 fingers

  • Jackson Frazier
    Jackson Frazier2 dager siden

    This is clickbait

  • Sameh Abouez
    Sameh Abouez3 dager siden

    inhaling fireworks or any other sort of chemicals especially indoors is harmful and carcinogenic

  • Catal
    Catal3 dager siden


  • Brownmatt Films
    Brownmatt Films4 dager siden

    Sitting on the Jon, toilet paper gone? Be a msn and use your hand!

  • FireStormAC
    FireStormAC4 dager siden

    Only 2 minutes were the actual vid lmfao

  • Strykey
    Strykey4 dager siden

    1:21 little did we kno those glasses will be legendary 🥸

  • Adrian Reynolds
    Adrian Reynolds5 dager siden

    Yo the husband for that Yoga teacher had no idea what he was getting into

  • lilstump55
    lilstump555 dager siden

    For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son that who ever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life

  • Vanessa Viola
    Vanessa Viola5 dager siden

    Poor Maria

  • arilixieq
    arilixieq5 dager siden

    The moment someone buys what ur hiding behind'

    PRONE X GAMING5 dager siden

    Wait 3 pounds for toilet paper????? In Canada it’s like 17 dollars

  • BlueKechuM 208
    BlueKechuM 2086 dager siden


  • BlueKechuM 208
    BlueKechuM 2086 dager siden


    JNXHD6 dager siden

    Here are my three ways *Proceeds to hold 4 fingers* 7:07

  • N I C O L A S

    N I C O L A S

    4 dager siden

    I was searching for this comment

  • 1k subs in 5 months challenge

    1k subs in 5 months challenge

    6 dager siden


  • SteelHard VanGodLoss
    SteelHard VanGodLoss6 dager siden

    still scratsh my head about this toilette paper thing... first thing u think of is toilette paper? whaha i do 3 weeks with one roll!

  • Ibraheem Khan
    Ibraheem Khan6 dager siden

    He needs to join tyrones lives

  • Anshuw
    Anshuw6 dager siden

    Just use kitchen roll bruv

  • Ben Woolfson
    Ben Woolfson6 dager siden

    hidden message is like the video do it now

  • Darkmoon
    Darkmoon7 dager siden

    The flipping yogaaaaaa lesson😂😂😂😂😂😂😭

  • LordSwagginsXI
    LordSwagginsXI7 dager siden

    I miss these kinds of videos

  • lola scott
    lola scott8 dager siden

    Lol I was so surprised he showers with ogx shampoo idky I wasn’t expecting it I gives me head and shoulders vibes

  • Madden Lucia
    Madden Lucia8 dager siden

    i lovd the monster ad

  • Andre's
    Andre's8 dager siden

    5:52 lmaoooo wtf

  • Warren O Dowd
    Warren O Dowd11 dager siden

    nice sponsor advert

  • Extyria
    Extyria16 dager siden

    Don't be a schmuck.

  • zain alhalabi
    zain alhalabi19 dager siden

    U didn’t even stay overnight at the grocery store

  • William Day
    William Day20 dager siden

    Yo niko

  • applepie jacob
    applepie jacob20 dager siden

    Secret message: Like the video lol

  • KniGhT
    KniGhT20 dager siden

    Biggie juke is a swedish rapper😅

  • Terra's Life
    Terra's Life20 dager siden

    You're an absolute criminal for that Holland and Barrett cutaway 😂

  • Raj Jethwa
    Raj Jethwa20 dager siden

    Remember when I saw this just when school lockdown started

  • Gamer - BTW
    Gamer - BTW21 dag siden

    The video lol

  • Haziq Khan
    Haziq Khan23 dager siden


  • Zi Solo
    Zi Solo24 dager siden

    the randomness of niko is another level 😂😂

  • Nozzer
    Nozzer24 dager siden

    I love the nicknames

  • Broxxbe
    Broxxbe24 dager siden

    Jesus loves yall Repent

  • Plxnetdayz
    Plxnetdayz26 dager siden

    If I was in the grocery store overnight I whould take all the shampoo and make lines with them around the whole store

  • Lil_Ren
    Lil_Ren26 dager siden

    when he made that "cat joke" I about died 😂

  • fishyfanni
    fishyfanni27 dager siden

    poor yoga teacher

  • Harry 2
    Harry 227 dager siden


  • Hassiba Bennour
    Hassiba Bennour28 dager siden

    hidden message Like the VideoNow

  • Nysanfn7
    Nysanfn728 dager siden

    Lol the sponsor sneak is smooth af

  • Tilak Kumar
    Tilak Kumar29 dager siden


    SD1 GAMERS29 dager siden

    Lol u poor my guy u have fake shit

  • H0llows9
    H0llows9Måned siden


  • Astro Nick
    Astro NickMåned siden

    Hidden Message: "Video do it now" Me: WTF?

  • Muhammad Isakjee
    Muhammad IsakjeeMåned siden


  • Sara Dabat
    Sara DabatMåned siden

    mess agw was like this vidio now

  • Danksdemise
    DanksdemiseMåned siden

    Says three but holds up four fingers

  • Godzilla Boiii
    Godzilla BoiiiMåned siden


  • Tomg 0318
    Tomg 0318Måned siden

    Niko’s videos remind me of old school knowledge videos

  • magikarp
    magikarpMåned siden

    Hold up people call toilet paper toilet roll wtf

  • Jerden Adajar

    Jerden Adajar

    Måned siden

    oh sorry it just sounded like you did

  • magikarp


    Måned siden

    @Jerden Adajar I’m not really shaming I’m just surprised

  • Jerden Adajar

    Jerden Adajar

    Måned siden

    @magikarp well it doesn't matter. You shouldn't really shame other countries just because they don't call things the same as you do. Also english came from england

  • magikarp


    Måned siden

    @Jerden Adajar Canadian

  • Reidy Elle

    Reidy Elle

    Måned siden

    Idk I live in Ireland and I call it toilet roll or bog roll 😅

  • JQ88 _
    JQ88 _Måned siden

    I thought the secret message just said do

  • Aqua
    AquaMåned siden

    remember when we thought lockdown would last for years

  • The Hexagon
    The HexagonMåned siden

    Smokeeeeeeeeeeee lol

  • Jake Johnston
    Jake JohnstonMåned siden

    Secret message is like the video now

  • Jacobzz96
    Jacobzz96Måned siden

    Love your videos Niko

  • MrBlue
    MrBlueMåned siden

    "Whenever you feel sad, just remember that WhiskerTiger like me exist" -WhiskerTiger

  • cretura hater
    cretura haterMåned siden

    You can’t spell NOprojects without Niko

    ICARUSMåned siden

    Aj simpin

  • Lil Reng
    Lil RengMåned siden

    Fun fact: you watch this more than once

  • Max Starn
    Max StarnMåned siden

    Martini didn’t know how to react

  • Rocket League
    Rocket LeagueMåned siden

    The way AJ was wearing the Japanese fat suit wallahi he got me lauphing

  • Ava!!
    Ava!!Måned siden

    When George "coughed" so did I 😂

  • SNG
    SNGMåned siden

    Boris, Shush

  • SNG
    SNGMåned siden


  • totallynotasniperadict
    totallynotasniperadictMåned siden

    secret message "like the video do it now"

  • DucksFor4
    DucksFor4Måned siden


  • 🍯{ b e a r }🍯
    🍯{ b e a r }🍯Måned siden

    LIKE THE VIDEO was the "hidden" massage

  • younes 2301
    younes 2301Måned siden

    I forgot chunkz was in the yoga he was so quiet

  • Nisc
    NiscMåned siden

    Poor cat

  • Nisc
    NiscMåned siden

    Did u just cooked cat

  • Nisc
    NiscMåned siden


  • Mariam Tariq
    Mariam TariqMåned siden

    us Pakistanis don't need toilet paper. we use the lota lol

  • Aliyah K
    Aliyah KMåned siden

    You’re watching this when Nikos going for mayor

  • Sidemen Clips
    Sidemen ClipsMåned siden

    Aj said that niko’s mask looked home made but he had the same one lol

  • Nicholas Sakoi
    Nicholas SakoiMåned siden

    Can I join the NDL

  • Kitty Kitsune
    Kitty KitsuneMåned siden

    I believe u niko

  • Erin McManamon
    Erin McManamonMåned siden

    I go to that Tesco (tesco4life)

  • Sara Hussain
    Sara HussainMåned siden

    Sa r

  • Syed Ali Year 9
    Syed Ali Year 9Måned siden

    normal people: waking up at 6am to get food supplys... Niko: waking up at 4am to buy a roll of toilet paper

  • I click random stuff •60 years ago
    I click random stuff •60 years agoMåned siden

    Pablo tescobar will be proud

  • shima medani
    shima medaniMåned siden

    like the video now

  • Scloopery
    SclooperyMåned siden

    anyone else been playing monster legends since 2013?

  • Moonlight101
    Moonlight101Måned siden

    2:56 look at the top

  • Kill Rust
    Kill RustMåned siden


  • prinston garrison
    prinston garrisonMåned siden

    based his friends

  • Orange Gamer
    Orange GamerMåned siden

    "Let's go Tesco" -Niko Omilana

  • Fleur Ray
    Fleur RayMåned siden

    Niko post on beta squad

  • NotGreenn
    NotGreennMåned siden

    Aj is a idiot

  • User 352
    User 352Måned siden

    This man put his kitten in a microwave just for a lame clip in his video...

  • Johnpaul Mcdonagh
    Johnpaul McdonaghMåned siden

    The dislikes are Tesco workers

  • sam schofield
    sam schofieldMåned siden

    Click bait 🙄