Turning £0.01 Into £10,000 In 48 Hours (Challenge)

The most difficult money challenge the world has ever seen. In this video I will show you how to make money by turning a penny into £10,000. Enjoy!
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    "Im taking it for them, obviously they'll get the money after" "no money, no money at all" im actually dead 💀💀

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    9:21 that’s just crazy bro how he said he was gonna do it and he did

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    i turned 20k into -3k in 6 hours xD

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    The guy in the blue tux looks like paquiao

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    how niko scammed people out of 10,000pounds XD

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    So the dum asses ho dont know math 48hours is whel first 1day=24hours 48÷24=2 Check:24+24=48 48÷2=24 24=1day 24=1day 1day+1day=2days yay i made this hard

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    He really be trying hard to make videos that are entertainment for us , yet he still not getting paid enough.

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    2 day 7 hour auction. My maths might be wrong but I believe that is longer than 48 hours 😉

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    That women that pulled the middle finger on peppa pig is iraqi 🤣

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    The first leak of the NDL X LDN

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    28:52 I swear she looks like Mia Khalfa

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    This proves how easy it is to make money but you gotta have the will

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    This man is a legend this man made bottle art and got basically 8k for it

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